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Chevy Fault Code B2AAA

Mr. Sandman

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The Scan Gauge II code reader works great on my piece of sh!t Ford 6.0 and all of its codes but for some reason it picked up the Chevy code as a B2AAA. I borrowed a Snap On code reader from work and the real code is P0121, throttle position sensor. Now I just need to figure out what it'll take to correct it. Any ideas?

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1st Load test your battery and make sure the cables are clean and tight. 2nd Clean the throttle body, clear the code and relearn idle position. It will probably idle high unless it is relearned after it is cleaned. If you can't relearn it take to someone who can. Idle air composition should reset from what ever number it's currently at to 0%. If 1 &2 do not correct your problem replace throttle body.

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On 11/16/2014 at 4:00 PM, Mr. Sandman said:

My wife's 07 Suburban (5.3 liter) keeps throwing code B2AAA per my Scan Gauge II. My friend Google says this is a non-existent mystery code. Any ideas on what to look for besides another code reader or a trip to the dealer?

 I realize this issue is several years old but the code B2aaa Pe has to do with an incompatibility on the part of your scanner. It did not have the ability to pick up certain dtc codes that were coming up. 

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