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  1. Firearms,alcohol,Marijuana... Really??? I can only guess where thus goes.
  2. Happy Birthday Bert, You never missed a Halloween I can remember!
  3. Can you post a picture of it and where it goes?
  4. Well that make you the fastest car in camp then right?
  5. SANDWARS, Got this from Shawn Thompson last year at a party. Its also posted on NationalSandDragNews.com
  6. California Air Resources Board releases info on powerplanthttp://www.atv.com/blog/2015/08/yamaha-sport-utv-powered-by-998cc-112hp-engine.html
  7. I going to Barstow to pick up a new RZR and planned on hitting up the sand for a while on the way back. Please keep this thread posted on weather conditions if you don't mind? Some times the weather report isn't so accurate.
  8. Worked on their trucks and can say they are impatient azzhats, as far as there product and customer service But because they are jerks in my opinion I say they lol
  9. Everyone else has to work That's what are for. When we get it will our turn to with BLM .... You are appreciated .
  10. As of last weekend those KIDDIE TRACKS were still there and a new set just west of bathroom #3. Be careful in that area over the upcoming Holiday weekend.
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