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  1. You didn’t say where you lost it and since this is your first post here I thought maybe you’re posting everywhere and this might be it.
  2. My sentiments exactly! We all need to clean this crap up and don’t let it gather again. Stuff like this is what gives the environmental freaks ammo to shut our riding areas down. If we don’t police it, it’ll be policed for us.
  3. Sorry, the one I found had a different flag. Good luck finding yours.
  4. I found a 4' Firestik non-lighted whip. Tell me what flag was on it and I'll get it back to you.
  5. Home Depot carries the Honda EU2200's for $999. Find a 10% off coupon somewhere and it's a real deal, or print and use this one from Lowes. They're still pricey but you can't go wrong with a Honda. Lowes Coupon.pdf
  6. I’m assuming Mistah Black was the little tiki (about 3’ tall). He was right next to the pole standing in the sand from what I recall. Maybe he was on a dune run when you stopped by.
  7. x2 on that. I told my wife while we were there that I’m surprised the BLM hasn’t removed it yet.
  8. He was there when visited on January 1 and I think I have a picture somewhere too.
  9. We had a side cabinet on our motor home open up on the drive out across the flats last night near vendor row and lost a gear bag along with the gear. The bag was black with a yellow ARC logo. I think the gear inside consisted of a black chest protector and black helmet. If found, please give me a call at 909 721-2334. Thanks, Greg
  10. Thanks ynot and raspadoo!
  11. We've been going to Dumont for close to 40 years now and usually camp in the canyon towing a 5th wheel with a 4x4. This year will be our first year in a Class A motor home up on top. Any tips on not getting this beast stuck?
  12. That was a waste of 18 minutes that I'll never get back. Not impressed...
  13. Not mine but here you go. http://www.glamisdunes.com/invision/index.php?showtopic=347199
  14. From one of my favorite movies...Blazing Saddles "Come on, boys! The way you're lolly-gaggin' around here with them picks and them shovels, you'd think it was 120 degrees. It can't be more than 114! Dock that chink a day's pay for nappin' on the job!
  15. 40 year Dumont regular myself dating back to my early teens when I knew it all and was stupid. Never an issue with the BLM except one time when the kids were launching model rockets. Mr Rangerman visited our camp to make sure they weren't fireworks, reminded us that beer bottles weren't allowed and said enjoy the rest of your weekend. Other than that, never an issue with the BLM and that contact was just them doing what our taxes pay for after getting their attention with the rockets.
  16. https://www.facebook.com/AsphaltandRubber/posts/10153166758021478
  17. My son gets update texts from the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Dept. and forwarded this info to me this afternoon. It sounds more like a murder/body dump than something happening at Dumont itself but it is disconcerting nonetheless. Mr. Sandman INCIDENT: PC 187 - Homicide Investigation LOCATION: State Highway 127 near mile marker 31, near Dumont Dunes SUSPECT(S): Unknown at this time VICTIM(S): Ernest Ortega Huerta, 39 year old resident of Baker SUMMARY: On Thursday, March 19, 2015, at approximately 8:23 a.m., Caltrans workers grading the shoulder of State Highway 127 near mile marker 31 discovered a deceased male, later identified as Ernest Ortega Huerta, deceased in the open desert. Officers from the California Highway Patrol and deputies from the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department Baker Station responded to the location. Investigators from the Sheriff's Homicide Detail were requested to the location and assumed the investigation. Ernest Ortega Huerta's death has been determined to be a homicide and the investigation is ongoing. Investigators are asking anyone with information on his whereabouts and activities prior to his death to contact the Sheriff's Homicide Detail Detective Mike Walker or Sergeant Jason Radeleff at (909) 387-3589. Anyone with information wishing to remain anonymous are encouraged to contact WeTip at (800) 78-CRIME (27463) or on their website at www.wetip.com. Refer: Sheriff's Public Affairs Division Station: Sheriff's Homicide Detail Phone No. (909) 387-3589 Case No. 081500383 JOHN McMAHON, Sheriff-Coroner San Bernardino County Sheriff-Coroner Department
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