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Help with buying Toy Hauler


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My family and I are thinking about buying our first toy hauler. We've been looking at the Pacific Coachwords Sand Sports. However, I've heard so much about the difference between stick and tin and the aluminum and fiberglass so I figured I would ask a group of people to do this fare more than we have.

We are looking at the Sand Sport 27FBSL or the 27FBX models.

Do you recommend going with the Fiberglass over the Tin?

We do lose some capacity on what the trailer can haul by going Fiberglass, but is it really that big a deal?

Also, if others have purchased these models or anything else can you provide us with tips when buying and what to look for and negotiation tips.

Thank you so much. We are going today to take a look and potentially put a deposit down. We've been looking for weeks so we "THINK" we know what we want.

We'll be packing our RZR XP4 1000 into it.

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On the fiberglass to Tin sides. It's a preference the finerglass looks a little nicer but in the end who cares lol.

What I think is more important. Make sure u have enough floor space for your toys

Does it have a fuel station?

Does it have a generator. Does it pull from the toy tank? Not a huge issue if it does. Just comsider it on long weekends.

How much fresh water does it carry I'd like a min 100 gal

Black n grey size? 40 n 40 is acceptable

Batteries. It doesn't come with 6V change em out ASAP if it comes with 1 12v batt get 2 6volt batts ;golf cart batts ((they sell em at SAMs club)

How many peeps can sleep in it. (Is it enough)

I think that's all

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Thanks all for the input. Very much appreciated.

We went fiberglass.

40 Gallon fuel station and the generator pulls fuels from it.

100 Gallon fresh water, 40 / 40 on the grey and black tanks.

Will fit the RZR XP4 1000 even with long travel we will have room, which is a big deal.... haha!

I totally agree on the tow setup. I can deal with say 1 to 2" of sag on the truck but more then that I think something will be setup wrong.

WE are very new as in never owned a toy hauler but we are beyond excited to get out there with our kids. We will miss this Halloween at Dumont but will be heading out there for Thanksgiving this year. OH yeah, the kids are going to love this thing.

Pick it up on Monday. :)

Just have to find a place to store it after this summer when our wonderful Neighbor moves and we won't be able to utilize their RV parking area. Any ideas please let me know. We live in Henderson near Equestrian and Boulder Highway.

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We are lucky enough to have a great neighbor with RV parking and is letting us store it there for the time being for $20 a month.... Great Buddy for sure. In the meantime we are looking for a place to store it. Cubesmart is around $150 in our area. Boulder City seems to have a ton of places.

I am also thinking outside the box and thinking about turning our drive-thru 3rd car garage into an RV Garage. Contractors needed for price quotes. I'm thinking it'll be cheaper to keep it stored somewhere but having the piece of mind having it home is another thing.

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