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  1. Glad you found it ! Hopefully its in one piece and they got the person who took it !
  2. I propose we rally together to ban Mariachi at the dunes...LOL
  3. What tuner are you using? Sounds like you might be running to hot of a tune ( too much boost) I have the H&S Mini Max and tunes from 2010. 146k on the clock with just regular maintenance ( oil every 5k and fuel filters every 10K) and I have had no issues.
  4. Ohh wow. I am glad you are just banged up a bit. Trailers and toys can be replaced. Hopefully someone got the plate # from the car that ran you off the road.
  5. I had the same issue at Sand Mtn this past week. The mariachi music and trash left behind with their glass bottles and fireworks was ridiculous. ( Sorry to derail)
  6. Dude, THANKS for the link ! Good looking out !!!
  7. Great safety point that is almost always overlooked. I am interested in what everyone is using as well....
  8. Well there goes my lifetime dream of a Steel Panther tribute band for Halloween !
  9. Dang that sucks! Amazon is usually pretty good with refunds and getting things sorted out though. So hopefully they should take of you...
  10. Dang sry to see this guys first experience to the dunes was such a disaster. Hope he gets it all sorted out and back on pavement ! Lessons learned
  11. Never give up hope. Keep looking and good luck.
  12. Nothing is too far for a family member. Keep looking and keep checking your posts for info. DDR gets more views than posts so rest assured that the word is out. Best of luck to you, your family and Sunshine.
  13. At least the road closure was worth it I guess...*Spoiler alert*
  14. "OK" how is that for a shouting response !
  15. THat link had the old chatbox. That was a cool feature with it being up top.
  16. HEY I know that car. Irnbear or dunefreak care to chime in? Freak I know your the local suspension go to...... **Forgot to mention the OP is a good friend of mine. This current spindle setup chews up spacers like its cool. Think we get, "maybe" 3 days of moderate use before everything comes loose. Hence the reason for the new setup. P.S. Dude your car looks pink. Everyone tell him his car is pink !
  17. Cool setup you have there. GLWTS...interested to see how you customize the new stabbin cabbin !!!
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