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    4-seat fugitive, w/ 2332 doghouse engines vw motor
    Yamaha g16 lifted golf cart
    2001 Ford Excursion, 4" exhaust, S&B intake, Superchip, 2" lift
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  1. I also live in that area, my buddy keeps his at the uhaul place down past lowes and he said its relatively cheap. I don't know how much he pays for a 33' er.
  2. I bought a California Non-resident pass yesterday and when I rubbed my fingers across it to flatten it out the ink came off with it. So don't rub or wash them too hard or you may end up with a sticker that just says 2015 in the middle. I took it back and got another one but it is doing the same thing. Maybe laminating them would help.
  3. I mounted my 36/40ish size tv to the shelf that came with the TH where the old school big a$$ tv used to sit. I put the mount horizontal to the shelf and it folds down flat for the ride, then I just tilt it back up to watch tv. also, I have no idea why my post is underlined
  4. A couple of years ago I had a kid on a quad jump over my rail as i was getting ready to crest a dune...scared the crap out of me. Funny thing though is that I was the 2nd car in line and he still went through with the jump after seeing the first car flop over. I ran him down and educated him on the benefits of having a spotter.
  5. I change mine every 4 or 5 trips.....so about every 4 or 5 years....LOL
  6. Absolutely, I will make sure I have one in town for you to use.
  7. I will hopefully be selling some lilypads down in Havasu and Parker
  8. http://green.autoblog.com/2014/03/07/epa-fines-chinese-recreational-vehicle-maker-725000/?ncid=txtlnkusaolp00000588
  9. I had my rope handle removed but went right out and ziptied mine when i saw it.
  10. Thinking maybe this could prevent some posts in the stolen forum.
  11. Hey Shane, it might be worth posting your missing stuff in the "stolen, lost and found" section. Maybe double your chances of someone seeing what you are missing.
  12. someone had one of these out for Pres day weekend, saw it flying all over the place.
  13. I know a good engine guy, PM me if you want his number
  14. I've never seen anyone with water refills or black tank pumping at Dumont.
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