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Replacing rear main shaft bearing on Mendeola 2D in-car


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Last trip my rear main shaft bearing started going out. I noticed a pretty loud grinding/ growling noise that got worse with speed. It was also noisy at the back of the trans near the shifter at idle since the main shaft is always spinning. 


So with a little redneck engineering I fabbed up a bearing puller. It was either this or pull the trans completely apart to change it. I can't take full credit for the idea. @KRUSTY and a few others told me how I could do it this way. Oh and it helps to have a mid-engine car.


Step 1: Remove the rear shifter cover. This is what you'll see. 



Step 2: Using an impact gun, remove this nut.



Step 3: Find a 1 inch socket you don't care about, a long fine thread bolt and a nut with the same thread. (I used the center bolt from an old steering wheel puller. I had to drill out the center of the socket to 5/8" so it fit through.) 


Weld the nut to the back of the socket and then carefully weld the socket to the inner race of the bearing. Thread the bolt through the nut and pull the bearing out of the trans.


Note: Be careful not to lose the shim that will likely be stuck in oil on back of the bearing.




Step 4: Once have your new bearing (gently tap it into the case). With a hammer, use the old bearing and welded puller as a driver to seat it fully into the trans. Install the nut and torque to 78 lb ft. 

IMG_20170203_105636938.jpg 16939154_10209058123711836_5763017441583447962_n.jpg








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