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    for Mark

    now thats funny sh*t
  2. After 4 engines delivered a good one finally arrived
  3. if its a ford trk pump pressure is bleeding into the converter cluth circut pump is junk
  4. if we bring our cars out there what would we be doing I dont care about money just dont want to be board
  5. be there tuesday normal spot fot those who know
  6. we will be there thurs night with randog , lou b and some duners that have not been there in awhile
  7. keep it as is I registerd last night hope i did it right it might of came out as mdnbb brandon dosnt know if he can hope he can I need someone to ride my fast 70 two trophys would be cool to get 2 years in a row see u friday morn
  8. dont drink beer and register or it gets expensive and u get alot to eat
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