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  1. Happy Thanksgiving to all where ever you are!
  2. Thanks for sharing sorry we missed it!
  3. Awesome trip report and pic's thanks for sharing! Paul
  4. Great report thanks for posting for those of us that didn't get out!
  5. Very nice to see people helping each other out
  6. Thanks we didn't get out for Holloween but we should be there for the Buggy roundup
  7. What happened to the trip reports for those that don't do Faceplant?
  8. Great pic's, It doesn't look very crowded and that can be a good thing!, I miss the trip reports for those of us that could not attend.
  9. Great pics, keep the pics coming for those of us that couldn't make it, wish we could have made it this year but we'll try next year
  10. Looks like a good had by all! Hopefully we can attend next year
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