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Maverick 2 or 4 seater?

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I'm debating whether to buy a 4 seater because all the videos I see having a blast are with the 2 seaters most of the time ! Any advice? 

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What kind of Maverick?


Do you have a family that would utilize the 4 seats? If you do, then there you go.


My advice is don't decide what you should get based on what it looks like others have more fun in. That's ridiculous. 




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If you're talking the X3 can your toy hauler or trailer accommodate the length?


The 4 seat owners I talk to went the extra expense and had the recommended Fox shock settings done and claim they like them.

That raises it about 4" and that'll change the appearance and handling somewhat. Excellent ride quality and a bit less chance of high centering but center of gravity goes up.  That's several thousand dollars to have it done, or you can do it yourself.


If you have kids the 4 seat should be seriously considered.

Great for Desert and dunes but it'll have issues on mountain trail switchbacks is the consensus amongst the duners we roll with.

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