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    2018 Maverick X3 Max XRS w/ smart lock. Not sure if anything on it is still stock.

    2012 Ram 3500 - Not stock.

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    DoD Civilian Contractor, Aircraft Maintenance.
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    Enjoying good times with family and friends. Dunes and more dunes, diesels, aviation, Football and beer, wrenching on anything with a motor.

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  1. I can’t stand it and knock them over whenever I have to the chance. Not to be an a-hole, but because it’s a false sense of security for parents, and a horrible accident waiting to happen...again.
  2. We’ll be there, one of our favorite weekends of the season.
  3. We’ll see if they even allow it. The awesome Gov of CA basically cancelled Halloween.
  4. Can't afford to go do recreational activities right now, spending all my money on ammo. Kidding, well not really, but we're still getting out for sure. Went down to William's AZ a few weeks ago for some camping and riding. Awesome place. Cool little town that we will definitely explore a bit more next time. Also stopped into Bearizona while there. Kind of like Jurassic Park, but with wolves and bears instead. Definitely a good time. Had a chance to use my new go pro hero 8 while there, the thing is amazing. The hypersmooth function is a really nice feature. But hell, I haven't had a go pro since the hero 2 so I'm geeking out on this thing like it's the first iphone. I'll come back when I get a moment and throw up a few pics. Heading back down there for the 4th to escape the heat and the crazy world for a few days. Other than that, I stay in the pool.
  5. Do your friends or family have experience riding in the dunes? It's a dangerous time to go out there. The dunes are sharp and drop off on the one side, witches eyes are everywhere. There's probably no medical, and you already mentioned the heat. Go have fun but keep your head on straight. All to often lately people jump into SXS's with little experience and go launch off a razorback.
  6. Any updates on the tower working for anyone else but Verizon?
  7. Glad the OG stuff is still there. The pole with stuff all over it never bothered me. Some of the random parts on it I thought was kind of cool. Offerings to the dune gods. Yeah, the shoes and other nonsense crap was dumb and annoying. Real memorials belong on memorial hill. I'd hate to see memorial hill get cluttered up with any junk though, so if a pole gives people who feel the need to leave their mark (or junk) a place to do it..cool with me.
  8. Unreal that people would do that. Is the mailbox still there? The north pole is more than just a spot to meet and hang out. My kid, who is now 8, has been putting her letters to santa in that box since she was a baby. It's a tradition to ride to the north pole on Thanksgiving to do that. Wish we were out there to help re build it this weekend.
  9. There's a rebel gas station off the 15 and Sahara in Vegas that sells it at the pump or they will also deliver 55gal drums to your house. I get drums delivered. Tests over 85% everytime.
  10. We'll be there. Unfortunately missing MLK coming up due to other obligations. So, planning to make Presidents an extra long weekend. Some guys coming down from Utah and Idaho with some fast X3's. Should be a fun trip. Gonna be a whole lot of E85 drums burned through.
  11. Ok, thanks. That's all I could find as well. I'll go over Potosi and post up later if there's anything to report.
  12. Rolling out later today. I heard Mt Potosi pass is closed due to snow. I don't see anything on Ndot or NVroads that indicates this. Anyone know anything?
  13. Looks amazing! We'll be out Friday! Have fun and be safe!
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