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  1. I love the idea. That's interesting stuff, thanks for all the details. I cringe at the abuse my toy hauler takes every time I drive down that road. Lets face it, we all know our toy haulers are built like sh*t, combine that with the washboard road and every time I get to camp I expect my cabinets to be on the ground. I also don't really think the current state of the road filters anyone out. If you are willing to drive out to the middle of no where to go off roading in dunes, i'm sure a dirt road isn't going to be the thing that stops you. I'd fully support this.
  2. Rolled in last night at about 8. Wind was howling around but died down a bit around 10. Looking out at a pretty empty camping area. Blue Sky's and a light breeze right now. Looks like it's going to be a great day. Oh, the road, gets a big fat F. Take it slow.
  3. I'll roll in tonight. How sh*tty is the dirt road?
  4. Whew, it's gonna be some wet sand out there boys. Let's get some updates as people start showing up. I'm thinking potesi will have some snow up there to go along with the construction.
  5. I'll be there! Hoping the dunes don't get dumped on to much.
  6. 1. Stock tires will work, just not as good as paddles. How many people will be in your machine? If you and 1 passenger, do 8psi rear 10 front. If 4 do 10 rear 12 front. Having 2 psi more In the front will help engage 4wd. And you need to be in 4wd. 2. Use 4wd. 3. Use 4wd. Don't ever stop pointing uphill, or sideways. Only pointing down. If you are side hilling, or going around a bowl, or transitioning... don't slow down to much, you'll roll. When in doubt, throttle out very much applies. 4. Obviously transition parallel to the dune. Turn into it, and just let it transition over. Trust your machine. Don't turn your wheel back into the dune once you transition, you will roll. Just keep rolling straight along the top or turn down. The gas is your friend. If your ass end starts sliding out because you're going to slow around a bowl or whatever, push the skinny pedal. It will straighten you out. Don't slow down to much while transitioning, you'll roll. Use the gas. Like I said, when in doubt..throttle out. Don't buy them right away. If you are a frequent duner and know you'll be coming back quite a bit, yes, paddles make a huge huge difference. Feel free to PM me if you have any specific questions. I'll try to help you out the best I can.
  7. Sweet, thanks for the replies.
  8. I'm sure this has been talked about before. Search couldn't find it. Anyone know of any gas stations in the Henderson area or greater Las Vegas that sell E85? Thinking about adding a tune for it, but want to make sure it's attainable. Also a random, anyone know if just any normal joe can get 100LL from the exec. Airport? Feel free to PM me
  9. Thank you for this post. I literally laughed my ass off.
  10. 2019's had a recall for the cages sucking ass. Wonder if it was related. Very sad anytime something like this happens. Rip fellow duner. I saw flight for life 2 or 3 times just on Friday...
  11. Got here a couple hours ago. I give the road a D. It gets better toward the end. Some pretty decent sized pot holes along the whole thing. Keep an eye out, around the last right hand bend before the river crossing there's a big hole on the right side of the road. Good thing I was hauling ass down the left side.
  12. Yep. Throw them in around 10pm. Smoke em for 12 or so hours, + or - depending on size of butt and weather. I usually take them out around 160, put them in a tin with some apple juice, wrap it up good and put it back in until around 206. (You don't have to wrap, try it both ways) Pull it out, wrap it up in tin foil, wrap that in a towel, and put in a cooler to rest for an hour. I've kept 2 butts wrapped like that for 4+ hrs for a party because I timed it wrong. When I pulled them they were still pipin hot. Should be able to pull the bone out and shred it all by hand. Yum yum yum. Make a good vinager based finishing sauce to. Lots of good stuff to read on smokingmeatforum. My next smoker will be a camp chef pellet smoker with a sear station.
  13. Smoking is fun and addictive! Buy yourself a good thermometer so you can keep track of meat temp and smoker temp from anywhere. Very useful when smoking a pork butt overnight for example. You can monitor from bed. Maverick is a good brand but there are others. Cherry is great for pork, I mix it with something other than fruit wood, like mesquite. Twin packs of pork shoulder from Costco can feed an army for less than $30, and super easy. I've moved onto the electric pellet smokers, the set it and forget it style is pretty nice. Try reverse searing your next trip tip. I like mine med rare so I'll smoke it to about 100 to 105, and throw it on a 600+ degree grill to sear it until finished. Just experiment and have fun!
  14. I learned the hard way with stock China bombs and Carlisle's as well. My current TH is the only one I've bought new. I changed the tires the day after I bought it. Wasn't going to risk it. I run Sailun S637 all steel 14 ply G rated tires. I know trying to save $ on tires is usually a regrettable decision. But they actually have a huge following and great reviews. Had them on my 43' TH for 2 years now and they look brand new. Besides the one I had to plug. Lol. Damn nails in a new housing construction. Next time you're in the market, look them up. They used to be labeled LT, with the higher speed rating. Due to something to do with importing them, they had to re label them for trailer use only. Same tire though, so you still get the G rating with the higher speed rating of an LT.
  15. What kind of Maverick? Do you have a family that would utilize the 4 seats? If you do, then there you go. My advice is don't decide what you should get based on what it looks like others have more fun in. That's ridiculous.
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