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Anyone going to be riding dirtbikes in dumont for the Halloween weekend? 
I don’t have a paddle on my kx125 but hopefully I should be okay. And I hope there is some desert riding around there too! 
First timer! 

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You can always ride up Sperry Wash or hit the outskirts of the dunes. You'll be ringing that 125's neck out there in the sand especially with no paddle, but there's a little hard pack to have some fun. You can ride out to Little Dumont too. There's sandy/ dirt trails that lead out there. 

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I used to ride a YZ125 way back out there lol I would richen up your mixture a little bit but like Pete mentioned Sperry Wash is cool. You can also just ride around the outside of the dunes, there are some really run roads/trail out around the north pole and the north size of the dunes around the fence line. 

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