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Early season start.


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Seems to be that there paving all the way to the Ranger station. 
the wind has blown!!  Everything has changed. Massive drop off’s. Big witches eyes. No shadows right now so it’s absolutely unsafe to ride. 






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Dune report......weather was a little warmer than I thought it would be. Around 95 degrees at 3pm. Dunes were almost unrideable. The wind has blown from the South so bad that the North side was nothing but the biggest drop-off's that I have ever seen. I've been riding at Dumont for almost 40 years and have never seen them like that. Almost everything on the North side of a dune was a drop-off from anywhere around 3ft to 30-40ft. Shadows didn't help much cause you couldn't see the drop off's. I don't think we got over 20mph in the dunes. The pictures show the front of the dunes and you can see how much different they are. If you look you can see the "sandslides". There was only one camp other than ours and the last picture shows the end result of the diesel truck with a 35+ ft 5th wheel that burnt to the ground on his way out about 2am. I don't think anybody was injured. Last thing.....all the people that left your trash there last season, the trash is still there!!! You should go and clean it up!!






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On 9/19/2022 at 3:05 PM, dunefreak said:

Wow those dunes look insane right now. I know it's always very razored out and steep in the summer, but that is extreme how steep the face hill has become. 


Thanks for the pics and update, Mike. 

Insane is a understatement. Driving North to South you were going up a wall and South to North you couldn't see anything. Very unusual shapes. Back side of comp on the North side is not a razor anymore. It's in the picture of a flattened off area with huge witches eyes. 

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