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  1. I'm glad I picked up my X3 at the end of 2018. Seems they've been in super high demand since. About 100 units and 10 days of production lost. https://ca.finance.yahoo.com/news/brp-preparing-resume-side-side-122520432.html?guccounter=1&guce_referrer=aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cubWF2ZXJpY2tmb3J1bXMubmV0Lw&guce_referrer_sig=AQAAAGTYE5ml8AoC4alalZudDdPOrreHlXJjuCEF1v7Tdxac_Q1ie8xhnXlOxQ5m6piCfodCm87DpQmEc549sJie0sEaTWcO6CwRasokZgSqfg_YTP5NMI6o6WsVyUjePT_yKVYiypTrhIX3Pj7pqOtCJrlXgzfk2e_3rKm0zGvqAJ9J
  2. Agreed. It just reflects poorly on those of us who aren't abusing the riding areas.
  3. This is just going to increase more law enforcement on all of us!
  4. I'm gonna go with a heavy dose of both!
  5. Out of nowhere he enters our life yet again!
  6. I did. It's a HD Hero. I already have a Hero 4, so I passed.
  7. Ahhhhh....the old coning off of the dunes controversy. Dunes are dunes. If you have to cone them off then you've parked too close. I've recently camped with a group that had young kids and they had a daily kiddie dune run. That's the way it should be IMHO. You don't need to cone off dunes to make a playground for the kiddos. Take them out and teach them right. Supervise them. Like Pete noted this is an old topic here and it wouldn't be DDR without this one! Sorry Pete. I used to park close to the dunes, but always made sure to stay enough away so that folks could "pop" over them on the way to the bigger dunes. The only cones I've used was out in the open to keep the camp town racers away. It's annoying to have to navigate around the cones on the fingers when you're heading out off of the porch....
  8. Let calmer heads prevail. Lately with the SXS craze (yes I have one too) and the amount of horsepower they have....just try to be calm when one of the a$$hats cuts you off. Sometimes it's tempting to run them down, but I feel the better option is to let them know they're number one!
  9. Looks like you guys had a great time. Welcome to the addiction!
  10. Congrats that looks sweet. I just let mine go for cheap. It was ready to be rebuilt I just never got to it. Life and health issues. It happens. The best part though is the guy who picked it up wanted a project for him and his son. Brings a smile to my face. << We need a three wheeler emoji....unless I missed it! Of course this doesn't mean you won't see me at Dumont....
  11. I thought I saw a post or two a while back concerning home security systems with a remote option for the toyhauler in the driveway. Looking for a local installer here in Las Vegas...or suggestions. We had a chicken-....... neighbor throw a rock at a guy working on our house. I'm done and don't really want to resort to anything other than producing evidence. Thoughts? Suggestions? References?
  12. Looks like this was typical 5 years ago. Good luck as it appears the spindle was in high demand back then. https://www.thesamba.com/vw/forum/viewtopic.php?t=584289 Looks like someone may have had some work done recently....
  13. I had the sand sprite IV and it has the VW from beam. My brother-in-law had the sand sprite VI with the same front end as you. I never really liked how weak they looked. Prowlers Speed and Custom appears to still be in business. They might still make the spindle if your lucky.
  14. That I couldn't tell you. I bought them here in Vegas at Butch's Speed Shop. I would give these guys a call since you ordered the disc brake kit from them to ensure you get the right size: Kustom1warehouse 714.815.9661
  15. I don't see any cotter pins on the axle shaft. The lug nut holes don't look like they have a lot of threads left and being elongated can't help either:
  16. I went with studs. It makes it easier to mount.
  17. Don't forget about the cell tower!
  18. One other thought here. If you're lug nuts are tapered then you need to get tapered washers, so that it's a flat surface on the rim. Like these.
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