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Buggy Roundup 10 Trip Reports


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Thanks to each and every one of you who came out to keep the tradition of Buggy Roundup alive. The final count was 75 sandcars! Best trip of the season. You guys are awesome. 


More photos and video to come. 


Please post up any photos or favorite highlights. 













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Once again, my only trip to the dunes and its the best weekend for it!  #10 is in the books, I have been to every one and they get better each year. Always meeting new people and seeing old friends is why I go. The dunes are just an excuse for me to drag the car along. I took a ton of photos, most came out great. A few.... well not so much but it was fun none the less. There are some really nice cars in this group, and tons of horsepower.

As always, thanks to Pete and Anna for letting me crash in their trailer for the weekend. And to Dan and Amanda for Thursdays dinner of Tri-Tip and sides. I am already looking forward to #11.


Here are the links to all the pictures. Feel free to download them (right click and save) and share them.   Make sure to tag dumontduneriders and buggyroundup2022 in your photos!


Oh yeah, check out the first photo here, I managed to get the tire breaking off of the car at Comp!


 Here is the link to all the pictures----     https://www.619actionphoto.com/Desert/Dune-Buggy-Roundup-10-Dumont-Dunes/


These are all sized to fit Instagram and Facebook----    https://www.619actionphoto.com/Desert/DDR-Buggy-Round-Up-10-Instagram-ready-pics/





P.S.    Mariachi, Modelo    for those that know....









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