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Buggy Roundup 11 is on!


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Originally Buggy Roundup was scheduled for Dec 8-10 this year, but since the highway will be closed until possibly Dec or even January, we'll likely have to push it into January this season. As it gets closer and we can decide on a date that'll allow duners from the Baker direction (CA people), I'll get it posted up. 

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Ok so here is the plan for Buggy Roundup. It is still on for Dec 8-10, 2023!


However...if you cannot make it in Dec because of the highway closure or whatever the case, don't worry. We are planning on having a SECOND Buggy Roundup at the end of this season. It will likely be in March if the road is fixed by then. We can do nothing but wait and see. But for now, the original Buggy Roundup is still on. We are planning on the same good times we always have with cars & coffee, a small raffle, and even more DUNE TIME this year. So come out and join us. 




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It's almost time for Buggy Roundup 11! And even better news, highway 127 is set to open Dec 4th with one-way pilot car operations, so for California peeps this means you don't have to take the long way around!
There will be more duning than ever before. Plus on Saturday we are planning on the same good times we always have with cars & coffee, some raffle prizes, TACOS for lunch and more duning. So if you have a buggy or just want to be part of the fun, come out and join us. Please RSVP in the link below so we know to expect you. Also post up in the comments here that you are going and we'll add you to the Buggy Roundup chat group as well for more updates.
RSVP here: 
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On 1/10/2024 at 6:21 PM, csnofwa said:

Happy New Year Pete! What are the March dates for the Buggy Round up 2024?


Many thanks,


Happy new year! It will be the last weekend in March. March 29-31. (Easter weekend)

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