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  1. Who's ready and who's not?

    heading out in the morning for a shake down run!

    ill take em!
  3. Labor Day weekend (Sept 2nd & 3rd)

    Good chance we might head out. we've been for the last two years!
  4. Dune in June Opportunity

    If my car was ready I would be "sick" on Monday!
  5. Cool temps in May

    yes this is a sinister. The thing rips. We have had to work a couple of bugs out of it. The dude that drives it definitely knows where the throttle peddle is.
  6. Cool temps in May

    you twisted m arm. I didn't take very many, others in the group got a lot more.
  7. Cool temps in May

    It was amazing out there yesterday!
  8. how to watch supercross with cox @ dumont

    I know that some of you do the whole projector thing on the side of your trailers. (how are you doing it?) I have cox and i cant seem to figure out how to stream it to my ipad or iphone. I tried to use the fox go app since it is usually on FS1, but that didnt seem to work for me. does anyone know the process or do i have to pay that supercross pass thing even though i already have cox?
  9. 4th Annual Buggy Roundup

    what a bunch of bulls**t. I am hoping to go duning that weekend as well.
  10. Big Air Hall of Fame

    that was a good time.
  11. paddles not holding air

    I appreciate everyone's input.
  12. paddles not holding air

    I did a search on this forum and it seems like SLIME was answer to keep paddles holding air. My rear paddles on my car need to be aired up every 8 hours or so. (when i wake up in the morning to dune at least one is flat) after checking with soap and water in a spray bottle the paddles seem do be leaking around the beads. I read somewhere that a mixture of antifreeze and alumiseal works really good, does not corrode, doesn't dry out paddles, and does not leave a huge mess. so what works best? fix a flat, alumiseal mix, slime, or other? just curious.
  13. What to do?

    put more weight in the front like you said. your trailer should have trailer brakes. hook them up.
  14. What to do?

    Like Ynot said, I believe you are well within your weight limits on the trailer. Weight distribution is a huge deal and could drastically affect how the trailer feels behind the truck. if the majority of your weight is placed toward the rear of the trailer and you are driving a smaller truck that trailer will pull you all around and sway at higher speeds. try adding more weight to the tongue/front of the trailer and my guess is the ride will become a lot better.