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  1. Thanks for letting us watch... and for not putting it on it’s lid!! Looked like that’s where u we’re headed in real time.
  2. Wasn’t a problem Buddy. The line was so long that plenty of people stopped. Rodney, Brian, Cody and a bunch of others that I didn’t know. All good. Wish we could go on a ride today!!!
  3. Thanks to everyone who stopped, when I broke a heim jouint, on my lower A arm. Thanks to Brian and Amanda for getting me safely back to camp. Parts from Theron and wrenching help from Gary, back on the next ride. What a great weekend! Thanks again Pete and Anna.
  4. Rolled in Wednesday afternoon. Totally empty!! Overcast, cool and calm. Looking forward to some dune rider company soon!!
  5. We saw both of the rzr’s Being towed out. Both cages collapsed, the single seat was worse. Neither accident looked that forceful. I don’t have info on helmets or belts. Just keep getting the word out. You have to put a proper cage, and belts, before you go riding.
  6. until

    See you there!!
  7. I watched the jump. Right when I got there. Holy S$&t!!!! Massive!! I’m hoping that Neal got a shot of it. Biggest launch I’ve ever seen in person. Told my son about it but hoping for a pic. Sorry about you smashing a rim.
  8. What a great time!! Thank you for organizing it and for all the introductions. Great to finally meet you guys. And for taco night!!
  9. The wind just stopped and this place is empty. Perfect conditions for Buggy Roundup this weekend.
  10. We were at the same time. July 20 to August 3. Just got back. It was an awesome annual trip.
  11. We have been there the last 5 Aprils. Total of about 35 days. I would say about 10 where shade and/or A/C felt good. Most were perfect. We had about 5 days of terrible wind, in the afternoons. Mostly it is good. The sand is great, and there is never many people there. We will be there again this year. Say hello...
  12. Good job Vegas style. NIce to meet you in person, at the North Pole the other day. See you again someday.
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