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  1. API Performance

    Does any one have a phone number for API Performance in AZ? Im looking to buy a harness and computer but the web site doesn't have any phone numbers?
  2. Dumont Restrooms Vandalized

    Need to give the A10"s some live practice time on ass holes like this
  3. Memorial Day Weekend 2017

    wow must have been hot out there, we drove thru Baker on or way to the Corral Pink Sand Dunes in Utah, and it was pretty warm in the morning.
  4. Dumont wind issues

    If you spend much time out at Dumont you WILL be in some wind storms, like dunefreak said, honker down in your RV have some beverages and wait it out, once they are over the sand is as smooth as it can be. Ive been thru some wild rides at camp but it always seems to *blow over* then you get to make some new tracks.

    Neal, the ECU was looking for a VSS signal, and it was picked up off of the #1 TDC sensor
  6. 15th Annual Dumont Cleanup: Fun in the Sun

    We had a blast doing it this year, we ended up with the most bags collected as a group, our group then awarded me to be the holder of the plaque and then one of our group won the free pass for next year and gave it to me for getting them involved. We will be back next year for sure and I plan on donating some Subway goodies for the raffle...

    DDR Thank you for all of your help, its fixed!!!!!!, after I took it out for the first test run Wednesday evening It ran much better but after one pass my fuel cell cracked, after 2 days of messing with that finally got it sealed only to have my fans start drawing more amps than normal and popping fuses, after the clean up I finally got get out and get some dunning in and it was like a whole new engine, Cody thanks for sharing the pictures of your harness, it was the missing link I needed.
  8. Fox Shocks On Short Sandcar - Need Help!

    You need to know the total weight and corner weight per wheel to determine spring weight as a starter, do you access to race scales?

    OK so the blue wire going into "D10" is the speed sensor, and they tapped into C20 the top dead center sensor that pulses, the VSS looks for a pulse so I added this wire but it didnt seem to change any thing, I need to go out and drive it now and see, hard to tell sitting in the shop.


    Thanks Hawaiian, those pictures will help allot, I dont have any wires on D but I will now and I have more than 2 on A, I can look up the pin out from those pictures and go from there, thank you for taking the time for me and sharing this. you rock!!!!

    Thanks every one, I know ill figure it out, the car still runs pretty good and its a blast to drive. You guys that are running a 3.2 or 3.5 OBD2, do you have any thing plugged in to slot D on the ECU, this is mostly transmission imputs/outputs ? currently I do not have any thing in that port and Im still leaning towards to ECU thinks the car is in neutral or park and limiting RPM's Looking at API"s web site, the picture they show for there set up is using this port, I have played around with it but no Joy...
  13. Clean up 2017

    My group will be there

    Well sh"t, went thru the ecu wiring again and didnt find any thing I might be missing, ran the engine up to the rpms it starts cutting out and manually engaged the vtec solenoid and heard a change in the engine but no extra rpms, I'm wondering if the valve springs are just shot and floating??? O well a slow and mellow trip is better than no trip at all, see you all next weekend

    thanks Neal, I even bought a different ECU off Ebay, learned how to remove the immobilizer and it does the same thing, I'm stumped as well but not giving up yet, I just don't have the spare funds to buy a ECU and harness rite now, especially with the season winding down.