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  1. As you are leaving Baker on the left side of 127 Baker Ice has firewood also.
  2. You can't, The date on the Title is when it was first registered. The SPCNS means it is a special constructed vehicle with a vin. number attached by the CHP, The vehicle could have been built and driven for years before it was registered.
  3. Chasing_FE135.mp4
  4. The pics were taken at the BLM Barstow Field Office. The Road Groomer can be pulled on public highways just like a trailer so we can save on transportation costs as well as not needing a high cost Operator. This was not bought with fee demo dollars and will be able to be used throughout the Barstow Desert District.
  5. Terry and I brought this up many years ago and as of now I don't think there is a difinative rule on this. Even if it were to be a rule I see a potential backlash with people saying that we are putting thier children at risk. You can allways bring up your concerns by contacting the Barstow Field Office or next time you are at Dumont stop by the Visitor Center.
  6. I think that the road will be able to be maintained much more often. The BLM needs to end the year with a surplus so there is sartup money for the next season.
  7. Other than the unveiling of the new Road Grader a few other things that were discussed were the never ending fight to get the fee structure changed, don't hold your breath. The attempt to get several OHV areas as Congressionally designated OHV recreation areas. This would mean that it would take an act of Congress to close them not just a Judges signature. One more thing that is probably coming down the pike is if you have children riding on their own ATVs, you as their parent have to take a training class, its been a law for some time now, just hasn't been enforced.
  8. It will be able to be pulled by a 1 ton truck so we don't have to bring someone from out of the area to run the grader. The piece on the side can bring in material from the edge of the road. The wheels lift up and the blades at the front smooth out the wind ripples. It will take some time for the people running it to get the hang of it but hopefully by next season the road will be much nicer. We are still waiting for the truck to be set up to pull it. nothing is fast with the Govt.
  9. The new road grader is in, sorry about the bad pictures my cell phone does not take the best pics. Pete if you can fix the upside down one I'd appreciate it.
  10. Are the U-Joints in phase one spline off can do nasty things
  11. one of my friends found a ramp for a trailer so if your missing one let me know.
  12. Bert was one of the nicest people I have met at Dumont. He will be missed.
  13. I have used Fab-Tec in Chatsworth. What are you trying to get done?
  14. Pete many years ago we looked into paving the road at that time it was going to cost 1,000,000 per mile to pave. The road is 5 miles long, its not going to happen.
  15. Once you are set up your camp area is yours. The studios film permit gives them the right to use the area, but does not give them exclusive rights to any part of the area. They can ask you to move but you are under no obligation to do so. Most of the crews I have had contact with have been very nice about ASKING us to stay out of there shots and I have had some great meals at thier mess areas for it.
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