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  1. SxS day rides from Dumont?

    The mines are to the southeast of the Little Dunes. Here is the info from DDR. I have been over there on paddle tires before. Just take it slow and watch out for large rocks; Little Dunes Dumont Little Dunes GPS: 35°38'56.35"N / 116°17'34.49"W Also referred to as Little Dumont, the Little Dunes are located right off highway 127. These dunes are most frequented by families with kids. There are no big hills or dunes at Little Dumont. All the same rules as the main dune area apply over there as well. There is a trail that connects Little Dumont with the Big Dunes. It is fairly long and dirt tires are recommended.
  2. SxS day rides from Dumont?

    The mine by the little dunes is always scenic and gives you an idea what it was like to mine the area many years ago.
  3. Fifth Wheel Hitch

    For sale, fifth wheel hitch and all attaching hardware. The rails came out of a 2008 Ford F250 long bed. Rails may fit other vehicles. Good condition and available $200.00
  4. Website name help

    Here's my first thought captureit.com captureit.com’s server DNS address could not be found.
  5. Who's ready and who's not?

    Looking forward to seeing you out there this year Pat!
  6. Takes a certain kind of dumbass to vandalize and paint a pit toilet out in the middle of nowhere, thanks to James for the clean-up.
  7. Berts old SCU

    Good thing Bert had that car built to withstand that, it was ugly.
  8. Who saw the eclipse?

    I had to drive to Kingman and back and the cloud cover was worse. I watched the start of it on the news but that was enough to say I saw it, I guess?
  9. I found out that Craig who had ended up with my car after a myriad of trading it and he spent a lot of cash and completely re-did the car. I am not to hep on the color but I am prejudiced. I could tell it was mine from the flames on the oil cooler cover and the shifter knob. Otherwise it might have slipped by. My grandson is the one that spotted it. Here is the breakdown and pictures and hold on to your seat for the ask price:) Report post Posted July 25 (edited) Alumicraft Mid-Engine Twin Turbo $89,000Just finished an extensive 2 year complete restoration all the way down to frame. Every nut and bolt, every wire bearing and heim, everything was replaced on this car to bring it up to brand new 2017/18 standards. The only thing different between this Alumicraft 2 seat mid, and a brand new one, would be the extra $100,000 they would add to the price! This Alumicraft can be seen at CBM Motorsports Monday-Friday 9am-5:30pm. 725 S. La Cadena Dr. Colton CA 92324 Fresh CBM LS Twin Turbo motor 750 HP on 12lbs of boost on 91 octane. Only 1 season of about 8 trips on this perfect and fresh engine. At 2200lbs, this car is faster than my 1800HP CBM Tatum for the first 1/8 mile! It doesn't need even 1 lb of boost more, it is scary fast.Brand new polished S4 transmission by Dave Foltz. It has never been used or driven.Brand new all handbuilt aluminum body. Jeff Davis wanted $25k to build this body. All hand made with beautiful ipad dash.Brand new Race Pak digital dashBrand new Fox shocks up front with triple bypass.Brand new Jet Trim style seatsBrand new 3" PRP seat beltsBrand new windshieldBrand new wiring on entire car. Notice the $500 push button dash with built in relays!Brand new digital dashBrand new ProAm rear hubsBrand new hardware over entire carBrand new Odyssey batteryBrand new Momo steering wheelBrand new LED curved light bar, flush LED custom made 3rd brake light built in, flush custom made LED taillights frenched into aluminum.Brand new fuel pumpBrand new headersBrand new bushings, brake lines, and brakesBrand new Rugged LED dome lights and suspension lights front and rear that glow redBrand new powder coat Candy RedTires and wheels are on wide 17" wheels and can be sliced and narrowed if customer wants the car to be as tall as Tatums and Racers. I chose the wider wheels to bring down the center of gravity down but still get a huge bite with the 35.5's and make it handle like a slot car! This is an extremely rare car, and there are only a handful of these Alumicrafts ever created. That is why I invested $90k on all the upgrades. There is not a more powerful/fun/dune shredding car on the planet...and when you're done, sell it for the same price you paid for it in a few years, because of its mid-engine rarity...and it's an Alumicraft! Alumicraft.pdf Edited Thursday at 02:07 PM by CBM Quote Go to to
  10. Berts old SCU

    They did a great job making that car there own. I always see it in just Grey but that is a great way to keep that car in motion. He would have loved it.
  11. Dune Trip of a Lifetime: SHREDDY LIFE QATAR

    With money, anything is possible! Nice video and a lot of HP on display.
  12. Vote: May Dune Pic of the Month

    i am not seeing the voting booth?
  13. i was at Pismo once, several years ago. Although the dunes are nowhere near as tall or wide as Dumont it is a beautiful place. If your looking for something steeper and wider to do some sliding then I would recommend St. Anthony's dunes in Rexford, ID. They are tall, weather is good in May maybe still a bit nippy but should be acceptable to a good time and they do rent SXS's there. I would recommend Idaho dunes RV park as the best place to stay. Owner is a duner and although my buddy Pat is not the host anymore they are a good park with access to the dunes from it. Please be careful as these dunes are also tall and loads of fun but anyone not used to duning or those particular dunes can get hurt .
  14. First the "park" has no hours, it is always open. There are no places that I know of that rent buggies. I have heard of SXS and ATV rentals in Las Vegas but don't know who they are, Maybe someone else on the board can help you. If you have not been to Dumont and it kinda seems as if that's the case, It is going to be very warm, bordering on very HOT that time of year. You can expect a low of maybe 90-95 and depending on the weather at that time highs near 110. If you are no acquainted with Dumont it can be a very dangerous place especially that time of the year as the wind changes direction in late spring and the sand moves from one side of the dune to the other leaving soft spots, holes and even large drop offs. If you have not been there before or are not a very experienced duner I might suggest re-thinking this trip. Maybe Pismo Beach in Ca. I know they rent SXS and quads and it's right on the ocean is right there and the weather is a lot better than Death Valley in May. Just a suggestion. I would be glad to answer any other questions you have but seriously consider your options before going there if your not very well prepared.
  15. Cleanup Weekend Trip Report: March 2017

    I figured as much but wanted to kinda throw out the importance of arm restraints for those who do not use them. I used you as a test case