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  1. Buggy Roundup 5 Trip Reports

    Great Pictures Neal !!!!!!
  2. Long travel two seater

    Benny, congratulations on taking that step. Cars are truly fun! The Admin for this site has a Tech 3 with a turbo's Honda and I believe a Mendiola @d Trans. His car is smooth, fast and reliable. I had a 2 seat Alumicraft which started out with a Northstar twin turbo motor and the Mendi 4S trans, After a lot of headaches and money I junked the caddy motor and went to a twin turbo'd LS1 and the same trans.I would never recommend the caddy motor unless you are a mechanic and know about these engines. As for chassis, there is a difference between the makers as to what kind of steel tubing they use, some go with mild steel and others go with chrome-moly. It depends on basically money and how much you have to put up. I always felt safe in my Alumicraft with the chrome=moly but I have no doubt that Pete feels just as safe in his Tech 3 which does use mild steel. It depends on how you drive it, which he pushes his as hard as any of them if not more. So I guess what I can tell you is buy the most car you can afford and always match the engine to the tranny, in my opinion, if you're going V8 power than you really want an S-4 trans and if you're going Honda or a V-6 or 4 then you can use the 2S trans. I would always suggest that you get a car with front brakes and make sure that the seat harnesses are not expired and are in great shape. Your ass is held in by them and you don't want to scrimp on safety! I also recommend that you obtain a set of arm restraints for your passenger and your outside arms. I have been out of sandcars for a couple of years so I am sure others will chime in with the other information you need. You hit a good time to ask as they are at Dumont for the Annual buggy run, so when everybody gets home you should get more info. Good luck.
  3. Probably quicker if you don't need supplies to go to Tecopa. For $10.00 you can dump out and they supply all the sewer hose and water to spray out your tank. If you need supplies it may be beneficial to go to Pahrump for gas, groceries and D/O. Would be cheaper in the long run. Probably about 20 minutes to Tecopa or 40 to Pahrump.
  4. Dunicorn sighting at Dumont

    Santa must have sent one of the reindeer for the letters! 42 years I have been going to Dumont and I have never seen a deer or tracks of anything other than lizards and coyote.
  5. Slight Breeze

    Just got in and weather is a slight breeze and 73 degrees. Winds are bad coming into Tecopa but once over the pass they calm down.
  6. Forgive my ignorance!

    Pat, BLM was requested to make a day pass to go along with the season pass several times over the last 5 years. They have steadfastly unable to put that together and your stuck paying the weekly fee for any visit to Dumont. I don't like it any better than you do an that is why I when I walked away from the TRT. Are you going out this weekend? If so I will be out there Friday afternoon and all weekend. I will have my White F350 and a Weekend warrior 30' superlight fifth wheel. Please feel free to stop over and say hi!
  7. Nice car, what are you looking to get for it? GLWTS
  8. Halloween Vid jetjock/Alper

    Nice video, there is nothing like the sound of a V8 tearing up the dunes!
  9. SxS day rides from Dumont?

    The mines are to the southeast of the Little Dunes. Here is the info from DDR. I have been over there on paddle tires before. Just take it slow and watch out for large rocks; Little Dunes Dumont Little Dunes GPS: 35°38'56.35"N / 116°17'34.49"W Also referred to as Little Dumont, the Little Dunes are located right off highway 127. These dunes are most frequented by families with kids. There are no big hills or dunes at Little Dumont. All the same rules as the main dune area apply over there as well. There is a trail that connects Little Dumont with the Big Dunes. It is fairly long and dirt tires are recommended.
  10. SxS day rides from Dumont?

    The mine by the little dunes is always scenic and gives you an idea what it was like to mine the area many years ago.
  11. Fifth Wheel Hitch

    For sale, fifth wheel hitch and all attaching hardware. The rails came out of a 2008 Ford F250 long bed. Rails may fit other vehicles. Good condition and available $200.00
  12. Website name help

    Here's my first thought captureit.com captureit.com’s server DNS address could not be found.
  13. Who's ready and who's not?

    Looking forward to seeing you out there this year Pat!
  14. Takes a certain kind of dumbass to vandalize and paint a pit toilet out in the middle of nowhere, thanks to James for the clean-up.
  15. Berts old SCU

    Good thing Bert had that car built to withstand that, it was ugly.