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  1. We have group coming missed last year but have done every year prior. used to bring my kids now it's the grand kids.
  2. So no BLM with the Government Shut Down?
  3. Heading down on Wednesday through Monday, 17th year in a row
  4. I did it to be on the safe side took maybe 5 min.
  5. We have a big group going this will be 16 years in a row for us.
  6. BITD ( Best In The Desert)
  7. My wife and I went and what an awesome event.
  8. This will be 13 years that my family has participated we have had alot of fun over the years.
  9. Any one know if it's a free weekend like in the past years
  10. Was their 3 weeks ago, the road is as wash boarded as I have ever seen but no soft spots I took my 36 pusher and 20 ft enclosed with no issues just slow going We will be out thurs am but camping in the ceder trees and trail riding
  11. Kolob Reservor https://maps.google.com/maps/ms?ll=37.437827,-113.043437&spn=0.02341,0.044761&t=h&z=15&vpsrc=6&msa=0&msid=200967807814016945396.0004d8c30516508e0942b
  12. Has the California law regarding side X sides rear seats (not factory installed) gone in to effect? It will effect whether we do the cleanup this year, it would be a shame to miss it after so many years but I cant see going down with out my grandkids.
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