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  1. Place to purchase paddle tires new

    I'll contact GTP I don't need for Halloween.. Probably not going to make it Halloween weekend :-( IrnBear
  2. Hey All, So I believe I am done buying used paddle tires... Last set were so old, happened to be so dry, they now look like the teeth of a meth-head. So, need to bit the bullet and go new I did descover with my past 2 used sets My car and my wife Love the Ride of the 13Plus15's Any suggestions on best price for paddles? Thank you in advance IrnBear
  3. Vote: October Dune Pic of the Month

    Congrats ocean's 4 IrnBear
  4. Phones?

    As Pete said, Verizon. I have AT&T as well Got a Verizon for the Dunes and when I sell stuff on Craigslist. Verizon is a little spotty but reliable Hell, at the top of the dunes you have full 4G IrnBear
  5. Hot Yet Nice Out

    Arrived to about 104 degrees Slight Breeze off and on Set up my camp Went for an awesome dune run Saw two other rails toward the end of my run Only 3 other camps out here Maybe more will arrive this evening:-)
  6. Vote: October Dune Pic of the Month

    OUCH, cheater.... LOL
  7. Vote: October Dune Pic of the Month

    OOhhhh Man, with a Pic like this, why even have a Vote.... This is BAD ASS IrnBear
  8. Who's ready and who's not?

    i'm hoping for 80's, but I think Pete is right about it being in the 90's this weekend. As long as it cools off at night I'm good :-) And Expo will be fixed :-) IrnBear
  9. Who's ready and who's not?

    Should be heading out next weekend. If all goes well, the dog and I will MH and Trailer out friday If I can get my expo (that broke tonight) fixed, the wifey will meet me out there on friday night or sat AM (probably Sat AM) Hope this beautiful weather holds up :-) Irnbear
  10. Vote: October Dune Pic of the Month

    Dumont Halloween :-) IrnBear
  11. Are your nipples slanted😳

    Paddle tires that have had to go to inner tubes
  12. Are your nipples slanted😳

    Haahahaha, I know😜 Had to go with inner tubes tubes on the used tires/rims I bought installed by a really good shop my valve stems come out at a slant not straight up do they all do that? thanks in advance IrnBear
  13. Dune Report / Film Production

    That is soo Cool :-)
  14. [SOLD] Paddle tires

    A BIG SHOUT OUT THANK YOU to bp-guy for helping make this happen I hope to see you on the Dunes Thank you, IrnBear
  15. [SOLD] Paddle tires

    Hey bp-guy, Gerri and I are in the middle of a PM to seal the deal PM sent to you as well IrnBear