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  1. What may I ask are the front tires? Nice rail. Thanks IrnBear
  2. Makes for a good teaser for a movie...... If thats what it was.... :-) IrnBear
  3. I was a little surprised at the result when voting had still been open. I don't get butt hurt easily so moved on, LOL. I appreciate the the catch. I really do like my Pic. The pic of the month is a pretty cool feature. I know it slows down in the non duning months. Thank you, Again, Hopefully I will get to meet some of you folks sometime. IrnBear
  4. Dumont Weekend April 9 Fire Kissed Moon
  5. 2 seat rail w/ 2387 turbo'd std travel mid engine $9000 Not a Mazzone Yet something you should really take a look at. Price is un f*cking believably low........ IrnBear
  6. Awesome Weather

    Weather is Awesome Did some throttle leakage work on the rail. Needed to finally get out to test the work. Damn, my rail finally runs like it should About 88 in the sun About 76 in the shade I big camp and a number of small individual camps Breezy from time to time Loving It
  7. That is some great detailed info there If for some reason that doesn't work out. Looking at the pic Just to the left of the ARCO there is a strip of Cement. That is the ARCO dump site. Has water as well. I believe it also is $10. Pay inside. Best of luck and have fun. IrnBear
  8. Well, We didn't Dune in February But we did HoneyMoon in Hawaii IrnBear
  9. If work on my rail goes well tomorrow afternoon, we will be heading out Friday night Do you think Baby Dunes will be packed with Runner Folk? We might just go into Dumont and camp at the Cliffs edge and buggy over to the highway each time we get a hair up our butts to hoot and holler IrnBear
  10. Thank you for the response. The Wife, Dog and I are thinking of going to Dumont this weekend with the intent of Buggy"ing over and watching/cheering some of the runners going by. So, best if we plan to get to Dumont sometime Friday night. Best of luck to you and your team. IrnBear
  11. Hey All, Just wanted to give a head up that the Baker To Vegas Foot Relay Race is this coming weekend. So be aware that there will be lots of vehicles and runners on the roadways from Baker to Pahrump to Vegas. I can't find the start time for this race. I don't know if it starts on Friday night, Sat morning, afternoon or what. If anyone knows: please post. Thank you, IrnBear
  12. Phil failed to mention that he will be out this Presidents weekend for anyone that wants to drive this bad ass toy home..... You can not beat this price for this machine. Stop by and say hi. Have him take you for a test drive. After you sh*t your pants, hand over the cash and take it home. IrnBear
  13. I feel I need to set this post straight. Phil at Doghouse is a great guy. He does like his privacy when he is off. I'm not too sure on the timing of this but, That very well may have been the season that his Wife of many many years abruptly DIED on him. If you research Doghouse on here, there are many many many happy folks with his treating of them. So, cut a man some slack. Put yourself in his shoes. Have someone come banging on your house when it is very clear that he is closed. And maybe try to consider that maybe things are not going very well for that person. Yes Phil is my friend, has been for a good 15 or so years. So I appreciate that this thread be taken with a Grain of Salt and move on. Doghouse is a great business and Phil is a Great Guy. He spent many many years at Dumont with his mobile parts trailer until the VW based rail was pushed out by all the fancy schmancy high dollar machines. He was there when you needed him, not his fault VW rails have become a thing of the past. Again, wear his shoes for a day and see how easy it is. Thank you for your time, IrnBear