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  1. Hey raspadoo Go back to his site and search Clifford :-) IrnBear
  2. Vote: Aug Dune Pic of the Month

    I was shooting for a 3peat But then Mr America posted, who has a chance against America Congrats FE135 IrnBear
  3. August Dune Pic of the Month submissions

    Love the New "SOUTH POLE"
  4. July Dune Pic of the Month submissions

    Thank you Thank you very much
  5. Happy Birthday Pete!!!

    I Agree
  6. Happy Birthday Pete!!!

    Hell, I tried to Delete the Peter one and couldn't... LOL.
  7. 28 foot Concession Trailer

    Dont be sorry If Im not mistaken, they are selling this one because they WENT BIGGER IrnBear
  8. July Dune Pic of the Month submissions

    Presidents weekend 2014 Tried to Panorama the race Got this cool pic
  9. Sand rail for sale

    What may I ask are the front tires? Nice rail. Thanks IrnBear
  10. June 2017 Dune Pic of the Month

  11. 1HP at Dumont never looked so good

    Makes for a good teaser for a movie...... If thats what it was.... :-) IrnBear
  12. Vote: May Dune Pic of the Month

    I was a little surprised at the result when voting had still been open. I don't get butt hurt easily so moved on, LOL. I appreciate the the catch. I really do like my Pic. The pic of the month is a pretty cool feature. I know it slows down in the non duning months. Thank you, Again, Hopefully I will get to meet some of you folks sometime. IrnBear
  13. May Dune Pic of the Month submissions

    Dumont Weekend April 9 Fire Kissed Moon
  14. Mazzone 5 link

    2 seat rail w/ 2387 turbo'd std travel mid engine $9000 Not a Mazzone Yet something you should really take a look at. Price is un f*cking believably low........ IrnBear
  15. Awesome Weather