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  1. Flange Seal

    Well found the problem cv bolts were hitting the seal guess I’m gonna need some spacers unless the make 2” bolts for them
  2. Flange Seal

    this is the one right behind the side plate might be called a different seal wasn’t sure
  3. Flange Seal

    Ok so up in sand hollow this weekend and pretty sure my final drive flange seal went out haven’t torn one of these trans apart before is it pretty easy and where is best place to buy
  4. Feb 2018 Dune Pic of the Month

  5. MLK Weekend Report 2018

    Love this car no issues yet
  6. MLK Weekend Report 2018

    So we got out there about midnight a little later than expected thanks to work kids of course were knocked out. Next morning got up nice and early kids started playing around camp and I got the paddles on they called them their chill pill later on that day got a call from a friend that was meeting up with me and said he blew a tire told him to try and drive it in slow so I could help him fix it then took some of them out in the car and had some fun with it then took them over to watch the wars going down and parked over on banshee and watched the excitement and so did the kids such a beautiful view. Later that night headed over to watch supercross after doing a clutch job on my buddies Rzr. Thanks to Chad for setting the projector up to be able to watch it. this little guy fell asleep in less than two minutes riding over to watch supercross. The next day made it out to South Pole and paid a visit to Mista Black Then took my friend his mom and sister out for a nice ride then the kids then it was time to head home until next time we will be back for presidents
  7. Found Cali ID card

    Found ID card south of bathroom 6
  8. Anyone heading out for MLK weekend?

    Yup for sure will be there tomorrow night gonna be somewhere between 5 and 6
  9. Tires?

    Ok so I know most of these comments will be on preference but I currently have 33x9-15 Baja Pros from M/T but curious if anyone ran both these and like a STU or Extreme on the fronts and wondering which is better
  10. Anyone heading out for MLK weekend?

    We might be going still figuring it out
  11. Post your pics. How was everyone's New Year's weekend?

    We had a great time out there like always had a couple set backs with gen problems but got them figured out had my wife and kids out with me with the new car and wife drove and got up to third gear this time (it’s a start) car ran great not one issue had some good runs met up with a bunch of friends got out to North Pole met some more people there got a lot of compliments on the car and was just a great trip all around
  12. [SOLD] 2012 Sandlimo 5 seater $11000

    Price drop 11,000
  13. New Memorial at the N. Pole ~ Mike Oakley

    That’s very cool we saw that when we went over there today
  14. January 2018 Dune Pic of the Month Contest

    First pic of the new car to bring in the new year
  15. New Years

    Yeah it’s a nice ride has some backfiring going on right now though so gotta see what’s up