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  1. go for it----buuuut--the same idiot drivers at dumont will now become the same idiot drivers on the street
  2. foolofsand


    Have I been banned..haven't heard from anyone for days. Dead board?
  3. the first 50 yards is a dust bowl a foot deep--rain may have helped--check it before going on an adventure
  4. I am sorry that some moronic person left you and you are disabled. Same thing happened to my cousin about 10 yrs ago. He is paralyzed from about chest level on down. He was and is still now riding the dunes in his Artic Cat 1000. After his accident he spent many months and months in Denver doing rehab and learning how to live again. Long story short is that they have available options for sxs to fit on a kit where you can drive a sxs by using hands only...hands control steering, brakes and gas petal. We go to dunes and the mountains all the time and it is a kick in the butt for him as it used to be. So if you still miss driving your own car in the dunes it is possible--I would be assuming you have use of hands and arms. Food for thought if possible for you.
  5. I'll try again 2 was rear engine long cage, vw front---3 was mid engine long cage vw front---4 was mid short cage with vw front 5 was long long rear engine with vw front---6 was mid from 113" to 125" with a-arm front end went back to my hot vw magazine from oct 1980---came from san fernando buggy we had them build a special short 90" rear engine short cage vw front--they built 12 for us so we could wheelie up and down comp
  6. think the 2 was rear engine long cage---the 3 was mid engine short cage w vw front end---the 4 was mid engine short cage with independent from suspension---i think---it been a long time
  7. my son just purchased a 2013 xp4 900...the guy has 1000 rims and tires on this thing....so my question is 1--how did he do this? and 2--the rear center caps will not go on the rim since the axle extends to far out---so how to fix this also i have not taken the rims off to check for spacers or anything yet, just getting some info first please. thanks
  8. if going to dumont for weekend only, where do i get a pass? is there a machine on site at dumont that issues these passes etc? what weekends are considered holidays? thanks
  9. i did what you said...we will see tomorrow..thanks
  10. is there any way that the time period can be made permanent for each person...i have to go into there each day and check the place for "new messages since last visit"...so in that respect is worse than the old version and more time comsuming and clicking thanks
  11. slime is just that...slime. best is the antifreeze and alumiseal....have giant paddles that leaked in hours...since then never leak and never loose air
  12. did you get same pump that is in toyhaulers or change over
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