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  • Dumont Conditions

    Live updates from Dumont Dunes including the weather and conditions. If you're out at Dumont, click "add new report" and tell us how it is!


    Overall conditions: good
    Road is a B couple huge puddles 
    Dunes are very moist and a little chewed up
    It's a nice 80+ with a light breeze

    Little water over the crossing but not much.


    One Last Sunday Morning Ride

    Overall conditions: epic!
    We laid some great tracks this weekend. Still super steep razors. There doesn't seem to be too much shift from last year. Good breeze last night smoothed them out again for today, but you could still see our lines. No photo, cause we were having to much fun shredding them up. It was 91 when we left at 11:30 am.  Very few camps. Needs a good cleaning, summer trash seemed more than normal.

    Great Day At Dumont

    Overall conditions: good
    It was nice out there today. Nobody there, dunes were smooth but steep and the razorbacks were pretty gnarly without any duners there to knock them down. 

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