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  • Dumont Conditions

    Live updates from Dumont Dunes including the weather and conditions. If you're out at Dumont, click "add new report" and tell us how it is!

    Buggy Roundup 4 Is Underway!

    Overall conditions: great
    I LOVE Dumont in December. These weekends are the best. Empty, smooth dunes and great weather! There's a nice cloud cover and the temperature is cool. We're taking our time this morning, sipping our coffee before we head out into the sand. No rush. It's a nice and relaxing day so far. Buggy Roundup 4 is shaping up to be a great weekend. We already have about 16 rigs in camp but have plenty of room for everyone. 


    Buggy Dune Conditions

    Overall conditions: good
    Summer type dunes little hard to read and surprise drop offs. Mostly virgin sand.Weather is perfect cold at night but  nice now with the sun out . Not many people maybe 6 camps 

    The W Smoothed Out The Dunes

    Overall conditions: great
    Dune conditions are beautiful thanks to the big W storm! EPIC last ride of the weekend. Still a lot of people in the dunes.
    But the big dark clouds are creeping in!

    Shelter In Place!

    Overall conditions: bad
    sorry no picture, the sand storm is to bad! We went from gearing up for a sunset ride to running around camp with goggles on securing everything in 2 minutes. Ok, Re heat Thanksgiving dinner, beer, games, everyone in the trailer, good to go. Everyone be safe.

    Windy As Hell

    Overall conditions: bad
    The sand dunes are definitely quiet right now you can't see far out at all
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    Tore Up Dunes

    Overall conditions: fair
    We watched the water pumpers put on a great show for awhile and then went on a super crowded tore up dune run. Still fun. You just need to keep your eyes open out there everyone! We had a couple close calls, but Mike always pays super close attention, a few dunes ahead. Everyone stay safe and watch out for others!

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