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  3. Very cool. Are they going to print you up an old shirt?
  4. The search has finally come to an end! I still don't know if it will bear fruit, but I am in touch with them. It took several years, and lots of incorrect email addresses & websites, but I finally found out they have a legitimate website. The fact that I don't use Facebook probably slowed me down quite a bit in my search. Thanks to those of you who emailed me! Super helpful!
  5. Last week
  6. Way cool! That's great news. I'll see if I can dig up any more info or pics. Thanks for the update.
  7. Hey everyone, it's been a bit since I've been on here. I've attempted this once before, and I don't want to sound like a broken record or get annoying to anyone here. But if any of you grew up riding at Dumont, you know what that place can mean to someone. I am disabled because of a hit and run that took my ability to walk. So getting to the dunes these days just isn't likely for me. But as a collector of nostalgia from my younger years, I am very much interested in getting in contact with the Tshirt guy who's been selling at Dumont forever. I am not sure which holidays he sets up, but if anyone could just help me get in contact with him, I'd even be willing to pay you for your time. I have to assume that he won't be selling out there forever. And seeing as I'm pushing 40 and used to get shirts from him when I was a kid, my window is likely closing very quickly. I know his business is called California Casuals, but the only thing I could find online as far as contact info goes was outdated. If anyone here has his contact information, or anything that could help me, contact me here, or email me at raceblakhart@gmail.com Otherwise, I'm definitely willing to pay someone who's going to be out there the next time he's set up to sell to talk to him for me. Thanks for taking the time to read this craziness. I appreciate you all. Stay safe, Trevor Race
  8. I know I'm over a decade late on this thread, but I'm surprised nobody mentioned the "The Cell" from 2000 with Jennifer Lopez, Vince Vaughn, and Vincent D'Onofrio. The very first scene has to be Dumont. I mean, I haven't been there for 20 years, but I've been there at least 20 times, and the details of the sand, and layout of the dunes (from Dead Horse Bowl to The Face, and all the way down the Armagosa) are burned into my mind. It looks like they brought in a rotten ship and some dead trees for the scene, but other than that...it's all Dumont! (After all that, I am probably wrong.)
  9. IrnBear

    Cell Tower

    Zipping down the 127 toward Baker this past weekend, was heading to Cali for Mother's Day weekend and of course finish work on my Tattoo I could see a Cell Tower sticking up into the sky from the Hills between Baby and Big Dunes Sorry no picture IrnBear
  10. Looks like youre the go to guy? Anyway im looking for some poor lad that has a sidewinder 3.8L GM fwd or equevilante, that has transposed it to rwd. Thought you might know. Thanks. Heres sand in your eyes

    1. dunefreak


      Hi there. Sorry I am not the go-to guy for that. :think: :laughing: 

      Try posting in sandrail talk. 



  11. Anyone out there have, or have had a 3.8L GM sidewinder fwd, moved to the rear with the steering locked or blocked? Hit me up on do,s and donuts☺

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    Halloween weekend is Oct 26-27 weekend.
  14. When is the official Halloween weekend?
  15. Anyone else planning on going out?
  16. 2009 Tech3 Two Seat mid-engine long travel sand rail $19500 obo (Huntington Beach CA) This sand rail was first registered in 2009 as a spec construction vehicle, then it was completely disassembled and then professionally rebuilt by Sand Cars Unlimited. Designed for solid reliability and to accelerate up any sand hill at Dumont Dunes. It just goes anywhere you want and handles like it's on rails. Cruise in 2nd gear at 5mph all the way up to 50mph. This sand car is like new, only 12-weekend trips total. I don't want to sell but I lost my tow vehicle, kids are too busy, so it is time for it to go. It needs nothing, its registered, up to date, and ready to dune. Original owner, used in the dunes only, never wrecked, rolled or abused. Ford Thunderbird Turbo Coupe fuel injected engine (rebuilt in 2006), 2.3L inline 4, turbo and intercooler, oil cooler, Esslinger adjustable cam pulley, Ranger roller cam, solid dependability, and great torque SDS computer/ignition system aluminum V8 radiator with dual electric fans thermo controlled Megasand transmission just gone through and refreshed by Rancho 930 stub axles and bearings, CV boots like new Fox shocks (all four just rebuilt) - rears have external reservoirs rear paddle tires with bead lock aluminum star rims blacked out with blue bead lock rings front spindle sand rims star blacked out off-road/street rims and tires included, spindle hub 5 lug adapter for the front off road rims/tires 18" ground clearance, 17" wheel travel front, and back frame and side panels powered coated black by Embee (side panels and wing wrapped) 5 point seat belts new battery new high torque starter multi-colored led whip, front running lights, mount and wired for Baja led light bar (led light bar not included) 11-gallon custom gas tank Beard Seats custom removable soft roof PCI radio set - intercom, push to talk button, carbon fiber headsets, music/phone audio input cable lockable rear wing storage, brake light, running lights Will consider reasonable offers. Text me at: seven 14 eight 12 2986 Buggy length: 12' 8" weight: 1100lbs, selling entire car, no part outs, local only, buyer picks up. music video here: Cold start video here: https://youtu.be/aUDGbYqjosA
  17. Granddaughters love the tiki man!
  18. Works great, never use it. Had for a back up. Dish Network only asking $200.00
  19. Nothing very current, no. I'll reach out and see what I can find.
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    • Rank Doonerd  »  dunefreak

      Looks like youre the go to guy? Anyway im looking for some poor lad that has a sidewinder 3.8L GM fwd or equevilante, that has transposed it to rwd. Thought you might know. Thanks. Heres sand in your eyes
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    • Rank Doonerd

      Anyone out there have, or have had a 3.8L GM sidewinder fwd, moved to the rear with the steering locked or blocked? Hit me up on do,s and donuts☺
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    • nas6car

      hope everyone is well. some things came up and had to sell my baby a few months ago. starting over again with bone stock 2019 Yamaha. see you in the dunes

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    • Christian Kozowyk  »  DirtBikeGuy

      how late you gonna be out there on friday? i got a thing i gotta go to on thurs pm in la proper. but could rally out there in the am on fri and we could shoot 2-6pm ish? if you are game?  you out solo or you got a few guys?  im rolling out with a buddy to help. let me know if you wanna connect via phone too, 7189165510
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    • Jordyn Koyamatsu

      Lost Iphone 8 plus on sunday Feb 17th.It has a marble case on it .It has a rafiki(monkey) screen saver.If found please contact.Thank you!
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