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  1. We were there when it happened. I pretty much knew when we were there with him that it was bad, but I was hoping for the best. So sad! It happened in 1 second. I assume your niece was the one that was hit by the car.. I heard about her, and was just thinking how scary that is. I really hope she is ok, and I hope thay catch the idiot who did it!
  2. Does anyone know if the guy on the green drag banchee over by the hill made it yesterday?
  3. has anyone headed in the back way on blue diamond from Vegas? I have a new trailer and I haven't been that way in a while. just want to see how road conditions are.
  4. we have been out for Halloween twice now and we always seem to miss all the main events.... what time is it best to meet up with everyone?? Comp... trick or treating.... vendor row.... let me know if I am missing anything.
  5. anyone going out on sat the 7th? I will be there with 4 other people!
  6. I heard someone say there was a factory defect with it. Not true?
  7. I have looked at all the maps and I cant find a south pole.... I found a north pole.... is that what you meant?
  8. Quick question.... usually I always buy a cali non resident ohv pass, but that was before nevada made us register our ohv toys. Now that I have nevada registration do I still need a sticker on my quad?
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