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  1. Today
  2. Next time you need batteries try 2, 6 volt golf cart batteries. Like Trojans, or from Sam's club or costco. They give you more amp hours.
  3. Just thought I would share a quick walk around the new 2 seat can am build by funco for my pops. Came out really really nice
  4. Yesterday
  5. My new rig came with a Go-Power 200 watt solar panel and a power inverter. I used to run my generator constantly on my old rig without solar, now I only run the generator when I have to use the microwave or AC. Everything else is ran straight up on 2- 12v batteries. I leave my panel in "recharge boost" mode starting from the morning until night fall. I run my 40" TV that draws about 140 watts for about 3-4 hrs a day. I can go all weekend without any issues. Would never go back to not having solar.
  6. Last week
  7. We still need the generator, but only for high power consumers like the microwave, AC, etc. We don't watch TV anymore at the dunes or even have an inverter, but you could definitely watch TV throughout the day with solar alone. Newer TVs don't draw too much power. I would upgrade to at least 4 six volt batteries and 400 watts of solar to keep everything charged throughout the night. Those furnace heaters draw a ton when it's cold.
  8. awesome job! ive been considering doing the same thing.
  9. Hey Pete, if I can ask, How does this affect the need for a generator in you consumption? can you run a tv during the day without a generator running? I would love quiet power but I’m not sure with just 2 6 volt batteries I’d have enough juice to make it all day and then through a cold night with the furnace fan running
  10. Hi all, Super old post that I am bring back from the dead but I thought it was worth it with the aging toy haulers out there that are gonna start running into problems like I just did. I filled up the tank for a long weekend boon-docking in the Mojave. And as soon as we got the trailer all set up the wife complained of smelling gas in the trailer. I didn’t think much of it until I sat in the chair outside and caught a wiff. Sure enough there was a decent leak coming from somewhere around the filler neck and no fix to be had. So we pulled all the bikeS to the fuel station and topped them all off and ran the genny like it was going out of style. Finally the dripped stopped and we could start to rest easy. After the trip I yanked it out of the trailer which is no easy task by yourself and called the neighbor over to help me drain the remaining 7+/- gallons of gas and off to the repair shop I went. I ended up going to Motor Mission for my repair and though I have not yet gotten it back I have been in constant contact with them and they have been very hands on and helpful with my repair! I have great confidence that I will get a good product from them based on the awesome work they have done for me in the past (had a LT1 motor massaged by them) I will update as soon as I get my tank back.
  11. We can bring tables and ez up as well
  12. I can bring an EZ up and I have folding picnic table
  13. Buggy Roundup thread...
  14. There are actually a few things that would help us with this year's buggy roundup so if anyone can bring an of these items out, please let me know. One or two EZ UPs 2 or 3 folding tables and/ or picnic tables Possibly a large propane flat top griddle so we can have two large grills this year expedite the cooking speakers with a microphone (DJ setup?) Raffle prize donations: If you have a company or know someone who would like to help us with some items to be raffled off, please get in contact with me. We'll be hosting a raffle this year to help cover website costs and expenses associated with the buggy roundup (tacos, coffee, etc).
  15. I have a two seat XP 900 so your experience may differ. I run 8psi up front and 6.5psi in the rear. Smooth buff fronts, STU paddles in the rear. Sidewalls were mentioned so I will add that beadlocks on sand tires are definitely the way to go if funds allow. And probably most importantly in this whole discussion since you mentioned passengers, stress to them the importance of keeping their hands and arms inside the vehicle, especially during a rollover. Either grasp the harness or white knuckle the oh sh*t bar provided for the passengers. Your hands are your money makers, keep them safe.
  16. It was for me since I found a man there. Heyoooo!
  17. Nice.we will be coming in on Thursday mid day looking forward to meeting new people to ride with
  18. should be there Friday Night!
  19. We will be there. Not sure day yet.
  20. ok! LOL But it has never been much of a sausage fest.
  21. Yay! So excited!! I'll try to get some chicks to come so it isn't such a sausage fest.
  22. Great conditions on your Thursday morning November 14th dune report
  23. Awesome. We may be in on that, Dan. I'll be in touch.
  24. All this info is great! I was just there for halloween and blew the sidewall out of my paddle so had to run my dirt tires and let me tell you it SUCKED! yes you can go pretty much anywhere without paddles but you really have to stay in the gas to avoid being stuck in a bad spot. In my honest opinion i would buy paddles especially if your new to the sxs thing because you will probably not want to be in the gas that much until you get the feel for the limits of your machine. With the paddles you can get away with just putting around until your comfortable. Once you go to the dunes you'll be hooked and want to keep coming. You can buy paddles pretty reasonable for like the sti strippers, that's what i started with just to get out there now i run skats which are way lighter and hook up a lot more. Either way your going to have a good time. Welcome to the dark side. Be prepared to spend a lot of $$$$$$$$$ as you go you'll find more and more things to add to your machine but it's worth every penny for the fun you'll have.
  25. Ruenvus

    RV Dump

    I'm not sure of the name but tecopa isn't but like 3 buildings there is a piece of plywood at the road that is spray painted with orange letters that say rv dump $10 you really can't miss it. All you do is honk and the guy comes out and will dump for you all you need to do is hook the hose up to your black water flush if you have one. There is 4 spots at that location to dump so usually isn't a line.
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