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  1. dunefreak & duniemonkie jordanhiggins2002 raspadoo DirtBikeGuy-daytrip? BearsZX72 Firecracker DuNe~Rydher dentboy maddogaboo painterjoe bp-guy Lou B Krusty Mike @ GTP OFF ROAD Creepynewguy Jakster884-maybe fstteddy+3 Quadrockets JoeDuner
  2. I've had 6 sandrails, I personally would never own one again. The sxs is the shizzle.
  3. You could buy a used sandrail for $2500. What's you point?
  4. Any info on this yet? Is it going to be $120 with holidays and $90 without?
  5. I agree!! Best all around vehicle for sure.
  6. Best back handed compliment ever.....LMAO
  7. It was nice hanging out with you John. Hope to do it again
  8. Does anyone have a good recommendation for RV storage or know someone that has storage at there house for a fee?
  9. Could also be a faulty sail switch(proof of fan).
  10. R.I.P. Bert......my thoughts are with Ashley and the kids. You are missed already my friend.
  11. Very nice......are you running 110 race gas or e-85?
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