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  1. Pahrump has several trailer storage options. Not sure where you’d be coming from if that is convenient.
  2. It was more crowded than I’ve ever seen. About 30 SxS’s for every 1 sand rail. If you go to D to socialize, it was a good weekend. If you go to dune, forget it. Dunes were too crowded to go fast. Comp Hill at night was kind of worthless... no one races anymore. It was just a social gathering. Off weekends or less attended holidays are preferred.
  3. Yes, I can report that I am self-isolating in Dumont now.
  4. That was me in the plane. I was on my my home from Salt Lake and wanted to check out what I was missing. Looked like a great time! Hope to make it again next year.
  5. My group got here last night. Camped by bathroom 3. Should be be a good trip with few people here and great weather.
  6. until

    I'm in. Every year something gets in my way. I'm loaded and ready. Planning to arrive Thurs night.
  7. I'm out. Another year that I haven't been able to pull it off. bummed!
  8. I'm in D now for the week. Beautiful weather and very few peeps.
  9. Planning to attend. Been trying for a couple of years and something always comes up.
  10. Definitely hook up for rides. Where do you camp?
  11. We'll be in Thurs night. My group isn't coming til Tday. I'll be looking for fast buggy rides. I saw chance of rain on Friday.
  12. I bought Roland's car last year and updated it quite a bit. That's why I'm selling my 4 seater.
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