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  1. That's awesome! That's what we have. Perfect size at the dunes, and camping elsewhere.
  2. First off, Our Condolences to the family, we lost a dear friend last year due to injuries sustained from an ATV accident. You'll want to keep an eye out on this site. San Bernardino Coroners Office They have a Press Release on accident related death in San Bernardino County (Co. Dumont is located in).
  3. F'n BASTARDS!!!! What in the heck is wrong with these idiots!!! :headbang: :headbang: Sorry, but these POS( ) need some "OLD SKOOL" treatment....
  4. :thumb: AWESOME DDR Crew!!!!! We should plan a group (DSD and DDR) meeting at the North Pole and Celebrate the New Mail-Box over a couple of cold ones!!!!
  5. This guy bottomed out... North Pole Fountain of Sand

    vendor row

    I'd buy some too!!! Me Favorite Snack!!!!!
  7. I may have my days turned around Pete :angry: ... I'll need to talk with the Better Half But I'm almost positive it was there Sunday Afternoon. But we did notice all the Letters were missing out of the mailbox. Looks like its ready for an Extreme makeover too! Thank You in Advance if you do need to replace the Mailbox!
  8. That REALLY SUCKS , it was there on our group ride Sunday mid afternoon. It's become one of our traditional Ride to the North Pole with the kids! Hum... I'll need to make a mailbox out of 3/4" steel plates. Group Ride Sunday... Closeup mounting bracket
  9. I know who it is... it's me at work... I'm Never there
  10. YFZBOB


    Side of a trailer works great! We did that over last Thanksgiving Weekend... With Surround Sound too. It's Hillbilly, but it did work! Dust to Glory was AWESOME (Especially entertaining during Saturday night's wind storm)
  11. Here's our Home away from home... :headbang:
  12. Here's a rail we came across Saturday (early morning) near the north pole... Driver and rider took one hell of a roll over... This thing was twisted busted and then some... I just hope they walked away with very little injuries.
  13. My Flag Pole, and my Green LED light was a whipping around all night. Wasn't about to be the next Super Hero flying off the roof of my trailer trying to get that thing down. Beside, I figured those who Night Rode the windy night, was using my light as a Beakon to navigate back to camp.
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