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  1. Try the Longstreet hotel/casino in Armagosa. .It is right on the Nevada,/California border. Rooms are clean, food good. I stayed there with my biker group a few months ago on a ride through death valley. Check and see if it meets your needs. I believe it is closer than Baker is from the dunes. www.longstreetinncasino.com. hotel reservations number is 775-372-1777.
  2. Well I'll be damned. I have been to Dumont a dozen times and always ride dunes towards north pole, take sand highway to comp or climb comp on the back side then go home to my family circle. Thank you for clearing up the mystery.
  3. Ok as I recall, going past comp, I'll be in pucker bushes running over lizards. Are you saying it is towards the small dunes? I'm planning to meet a bunch of people and I would only have been at the wrong dang place.
  4. When I look on the map I only see the north pole listed. I have been there many times. It has a long straight away flat area to bomb towards comp hill. Is the map wrong calling it the north pole or is that the coveted spot for meet and greet?
  5. I'm there on Thursday evening I hope to see the Dumont group there and introduce myself. I am truly thankful for the oppurtinity to ride with some very thoughtful and fun loving people. But alas, I only have a rhino, so runs aren't too fast for me. I did put paddles on, so I hope to make it up some of those dunes.
  6. These people are from Mn? Is this really the same oufit that was offering to come to Dumont? I have a hard time believing these are people that could even commit to making a trip from Mn. to Ca. for a weekend of showers. Hell, fuel cost alone would squash that idea for me. I thought they mght be a las vegas company or from Ca. Am I missing something here?
  7. I'll drive 200 miles right after I devour Turkey dinner with my family. Dumont for thanksgiving weekend is a tradition. Mandatory fun in the sun.
  8. Attendent at Tocopa Hot Springs told our harley group last weekend that the underground river is 73 miles across. The tops fo the hills have crosses on them to identify water is below.
  9. The best thing is to contact CAllifornia BLM and request the road be graded ASAP in preparation for the holiday traffic. If it is not graded by then, I will not be coming. Showing pictures of broken parts as is in this thread is the justification for the request. The road is a hazard now and the state could be held liable for not responding to a reasonable and prudent request. This is a safety issue.
  10. For sure I hope they are there over thanskgivng weekend. I only have 40 gal on my 5th wheel. I bring 55 extra but I'm bringing two teenage grandsons that I hope will use the showers every night we are there. I'll damn sure pay for that service
  11. Absolutely right on. I have been quoted saying most of this all my life. I am now the Vet Rep for southern Utah and CC liscensed gun owner not afraid to stand between anyone who wants to harm my loved ones or me. I ride my harley every chance I get and my dodge truck plate says Screw it- lets ride. That fits for dunin too. BTW, I'm also a registered democrat that sure as hell doesn't represent the image right wing zelots portray.
  12. This is my back yard sand spot. I always camp at the meadows. The sand is very different in texture from Dumont. You can get hurt very fast on these dunes. Avoid mid day flying across the dunes as the light can trick you and you can be airborn over a 100 ft drop. All my dune riding family has been hurt by that mistake and I spent many a night visiting them in the hospital. I broke in my 700 raptor there. Sold it there and bought a rhino. Across the road from the meadow is a trail system that is wonderful. We go from the meadow on a 2 1/2 hr ride all the way to Mt carmel for lunch. You cross the virgin river 26 times before you reach Mt. Carmel. Check with the ranger and get directions for a trail ride that will take you to historic mail drop cliff overlooking Zion Natl park. Prapere for very cool nights. Meadows is a dry camp buy you can get water and dump at the supervised campground. Absolutely no campfires on the ground. you must have a device like a cut barrel or something you can buy and bring that will keep ashes in check. I know its a pain, but it does keep the area nice for the rest of the campers. Rangers will close this overflow area if that rule is broken. Rangers otherwise are very nice. I have seen them go up and drag toys out by rope for those who ran out of gas or broke down and they do it gladly. Respect them and they will respect you. :rhino:
  13. Thanks Pete. You did answer my questions. Someday in the future, I will get one and join up with ya. Looks like I'll miss turkey day at Dumont. Son coming down from Vernal maybe with his toys. We earmarked Coral for a day ride Saturday. Weather is going to be big factor coming up. My raptor 700 could rev to close to 70mph and that is how I want to run on those bowls, enough to hug the bowl and not drop out. There is nothing wrong with the large cars, but for the area I would ride most, the Busa short car is just what I want. I pulled a short car out of a witches eye all crumpled up at Dumont last year. The guy driving said it was his wifes car and she would be mad as hell. He had a cut on his head from the ordeal but not too serious. I can see it's limitations and the plus is it is light enough a few guys muscled it out of the witches eye to be towed down the hill and hooked up for the ride to the shop. I know the repair is less for his car than a funco or a car like my buddies LS1. But, by the same token, he had that short car where a large car would never dare to go. I think he thought he was in a quad. That is the risk I might take but I have learned by hard luck not to go full out on anything until I slow roll check it first or see others make the run first.
  14. Pete, I have a silly question. I am considering a busa in my future. I have friends with ls1's and see they are not good for many dunes around my home because they need large space to open up. I am experienced with quads running dunes and I love shooting bowls . Living here in southern Utah, Coral Pink dunes is one close and a favorite for my rhino. Little Sahara's Sand Monuntain is also good, but again, both those limit an LS1 car beacuse of short runs and smaller bowls. Glamis is another story. LS1's can do 4th in some of the monsters there. Chugging walls like comp hill or banshee at Dumont goes only so far for a trip to dumont. Dumont is pretty good for an LS1 but Busa's seem to have as much fun runs as LS1's and are light enough to romp all the above dunes mentioned. Here is my question. What kind of speed do you get for hugging the bowls? I see you kept your motor when you got the nice new car you have now. Is yours turbo? What advantage would there be for turbo over stock turnkey? I would only consider a two seater. I want my wife to enjoy the fun I have always had duning, hence my SxS Rhino. Rhinos are fun, but not as fun for shooting bowls like I used to do with my raptor 700. Do you see what I'm trying to say?
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