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  1. The wrist restraints are a must. Whenever I had a passenger I made them wear them just like the seatbelt. No wrist restraint, No ride!
  2. http://www.polarisindustries.com/en-us/atv-ranger/2011/side-by-side-vehicles/ranger-rzr-xp-900/pages/videos.aspx?WT.si_n=ORV-AD-US-PRMO-NEW_RZR_900_XP&WT.si_x=1&WT.ac=ORV-AD-US-PRMO-NEW_RZR_900_XP Polaris added this to their website today. Looks like its going to be a blast to drive.
  3. voted. Bitchin ride Travis
  4. Headed out the dor in 2 minutes. See you all out there!!!! :ogp:
  5. Give me a call when you decide to sell the chopper. Im looking for another one.
  6. The car looks great. Ill be out in glamis in a few days. It would be nice to see the car out there. We will be camped in wash 6 with the Inland Empire offroad club.
  7. Jason at callaway is a good guy. I bought both of my RZR S from him and Joe bought his from him. He will set you up with a killer deal.
  8. OGP

    ufc 121

  9. Ynot may chime in here. Hes been to a few back Drs in vegas.
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