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  1. Hey Pete, got a question for you.... when you blew up your engine..... did you burn your lips on the exhaust pipe? {;o) Have to make up for lost time.
  2. A little late but maybe dudes on bikes or quads picked trash up (recyclable) and no place to carry it and stuck it on the pole thinking a can collector would grab them. That's the only other reason besides the more plausible ones already mentioned. Hey Pete..... you asked ... {;o)
  3. This is how the dunes appeared around noon today.....
  4. Put electrical tape over the foam on top, when you get "blasted" the top vent will collect a lot of sand and fall through the foam and the getting blasted will create static as will wiping with anything dry like glove or even microfiber cloth unless slightly damp, then a little sand will always be sticking to the inside of the lens. Air hose gets rid of sand but not static. Ultra grey is permanent if you get tired of fooling with tape. Got to have clear vision. I tried Vaseline on the foam 40 years ago thinking "K&N", too messy and more maintenance than tape. Ultimate is fully enclosed helmet with audio, skirt, flip shield and a Parker pumper. Those go well with stackers...…{;o)
  5. Last weekend was the world finals at Havasu This guy is sitting backwards on a standup ski doing a back flip Taiji stepped up this year and 1st trick did a double back flip, this is after 1 rotation and still has altitude
  6. My question for the local dunes expert with a lifetime of experience at Imperial Sand Dunes.... can you show us a photo of you driving at your favorite dunes? {;o) If you're wondering what the point is... where is the expert actually driving? Found on the Imperial Sand Dunes site.
  7. I know, I'm late but just saw Pete's 6th grade pic.....
  8. Check out the random no hands, touch the asphalt, no gyro front tire spin to help balance, ride slow between cars at traffic light and on a off road only dirt bike.... black_dude_wheelie.mp4
  9. Pete, this your cousin? Chad, didn't realize you had no brakes when you biked it till I saw your brake line in prior pics.
  10. Hey, check out Alpers G-out on the big air jump, the inset pic is at the jump apex, head vs headrest.....and the trailing arm angle, almost in coil bind. Sand is still spread even inside the rear wheel.
  11. Alper said he was going to paint his car so I gave it a 3 minute paint job, as an example
  12. And so many nice cars This car has to be new, look at the wheels, don't have the Dumont Dull yet. and color shift paint. No, he isn't asleep but may be praying he doesn't mess up the shine.....
  13. Wait a sec, those are stainless braided and flexible aren't they? I found later pics where the line was unwound....retarded CSI
  14. Not certain when it disconnected but guessing it was right before he came into view, 1st frame you see the end fitting and 1/10th second later (@ 10 frames/second) it's wound tight. Guessing heavy sand and having fun was the recipe
  15. Wonder if Chad lost any headsets or cables or is curious how a little spot on an axle got polished. Better keep the shoe laces tight....
  16. (Pete) I still can't believe we got everyone so organized to show up. haha BULLHORN
  17. Tim, or should I say Mr 1dx..... you forgot someone, the cook has pics also. Chad should stop babying his car and see what it can really do..... awesome shot.
  18. Pete, this and a few more are in the Las Vegas Craigslist https://lasvegas.craigslist.org/tls/d/generator-for-sale-honda-em/6734761820.html a Honda EM3500X asking $420. Or an inverter + Costco golf cart batteries and 100Watt Grape solar panels at Home Depot for $94.99 each ($50.50 off) that I paid $129 each years ago, no buying gas, no refueling at 2 am, no tune-ups...... and those little Yamaha 2200 generators run forever and are fuel efficient. The generators name mimics their sound... Hondaaaa, Yamahaaaa, GeneraAAACCCC {;o)
  19. Damn, looks like an Al Baker reunion. {;o)
  20. Almost forgot the sunset pic from Sunday night
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