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  1. chris1223

    Who's going out for MLK weekend?

    I think Im in
  2. chris1223

    Who is up for riding Dumont this week?

    Ill be there sunday through tuesday
  3. They are very strict about this in CA - Even during an organized closed event they have handed out tickets for it.
  4. chris1223

    Don't loose your dog at the dunes

    And no biters....
  5. chris1223

    Solar/Inverter Wiring

    If you want a full engineered drawing with calcs let me know.... 24v with MPPT is really going to be much more efficient than 12v
  6. chris1223

    Solar/Inverter Wiring

    Be aware that controller will not allow you to run 24v of panels in series with a 12v system, nor will it allow you to reap more then 30amp (400w/12v-33amps)
  7. chris1223

    Solar/Inverter Wiring

    I'm using four 120w 12v panels with two series strings in parallel to give me 24v to the controller (Victron 75/50 mppt controller) via 4ga copper feeds. Im pretty happy with it... Inverter is a xantrex prosine 1800w via 4/0 cables. I may just add two more 120w panels to just take up the real estate on the roof that is left, but it will be pretty much plug-n-play whether it just leave it at two strings with 36v, or just do a third string @ 24v. I think ramping up the voltage from the panels is much more efficient then staying at 12v to the controller. I do have a brand new morningstar 25a sunsaver duo if anyone is interested.
  8. chris1223

    Need a Polaris Mechanic

    I think Bill Shapley rebuilds these....
  9. chris1223


  10. chris1223

    RV Storage in Las Vegas or possibly Henderson

    I've been at the same spot on 215/Decatur for about seven years - Kenny 7027821262
  11. chris1223

    Planning a Trip for 3/21-23

  12. chris1223

    How about a rider roundup trip?

    Still have the Titan with the old box in tow.....
  13. chris1223

    How about a rider roundup trip?

    You guys make the call - It really doesn't matter to me. The only input I could ask for is a spot that isn't too soft (or Ill just wait a few hours for someone to unstuck me)
  14. chris1223

    How about a rider roundup trip?

    What do I need to make this happen..... I haven't had the time to do the Nevada registration - Could I just get a California non-resident and be good for the weekend? As far as the pass getting in, is there still a kiosk at the entrance road, or do I need to get one before heading out?
  15. chris1223

    How about a rider roundup trip?

    Sounds good to me!