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  1. If that is a recent set of pics, they have a little ways to go....
  2. Yea, they got a ways to go..... Im guessing on the way things "usually work" they are going to ramp back up after the time that they can spend more time on the tower per hour due to temps.....
  3. I wonder if the eyes glowed red hot as it burned......
  4. They are very strict about this in CA - Even during an organized closed event they have handed out tickets for it.
  5. If you want a full engineered drawing with calcs let me know.... 24v with MPPT is really going to be much more efficient than 12v
  6. Be aware that controller will not allow you to run 24v of panels in series with a 12v system, nor will it allow you to reap more then 30amp (400w/12v-33amps)
  7. I'm using four 120w 12v panels with two series strings in parallel to give me 24v to the controller (Victron 75/50 mppt controller) via 4ga copper feeds. Im pretty happy with it... Inverter is a xantrex prosine 1800w via 4/0 cables. I may just add two more 120w panels to just take up the real estate on the roof that is left, but it will be pretty much plug-n-play whether it just leave it at two strings with 36v, or just do a third string @ 24v. I think ramping up the voltage from the panels is much more efficient then staying at 12v to the controller. I do have a brand new morningstar 25a sunsaver duo if anyone is interested.
  8. I think Bill Shapley rebuilds these....
  9. I've been at the same spot on 215/Decatur for about seven years - Kenny 7027821262
  10. Still have the Titan with the old box in tow.....
  11. You guys make the call - It really doesn't matter to me. The only input I could ask for is a spot that isn't too soft (or Ill just wait a few hours for someone to unstuck me)
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