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  1. there's also a matching honda atc 70 out there somewhere that i built at the same time as the rzr. I sold the 70 to maxed out and i think i seen malibu mike owns it now?? also built a hpi baja 5t to match it as well, what can i say i'm a fanatic
  2. well, looks like i won't make it ethier.
  3. if weather is good we will bring our 2 rzr s models, seems like there may be a few rzr's.
  4. is this actually going to be a show with awards/trophy for each class? my wife's rzr is pretty crazy (its supposed to be in next years sand bunnies calender) but she likes to when trophies.
  5. the wife and i sold our long travel buggy works car and bought 2 rzr s as well.. i never miss the car really as you can take the rzr's so many places, not limited to sand only.
  6. we went to dune tour at glamis for halloween and its nothing special. show and shine and a raffle and cool stuff for the kids. thats about it and they gave away case of poker chips for prize at show and shine. they gave away free monster energy drinks and thru out some t-shirts for free...
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