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Found 9 results

  1. 2004 Rampage toy hauler. 33ft long 6350 dry weight 23ft of usable garage 5500 onan 30amp solar panels Happyjack Bunk beds big bathroom vinyl wood plank flooring newer awning (20ft) 2 new queen bamboo memory foam cooling mattresses perfect trailer to haul ALL your toys the dunes!. wont let me upload photos, shoot me a text and ill send them over- 702-466-3694. located in Boulder city (20min outside of Las Vegas) does have rebuilt title, years ago the generator was stolen out of it so insurance choose to total it out. Generator was replaced with bigger and better onan 5500.
  2. Hey Everyone! Jeff Bruner finished his video for the 2018 Dumont Dunes Halloween. We hope you all had as much fun as we did out there. Enjoy! Dumont Dunes Halloween 2018
  3. Need a break from the sand? There are amazing places to see in the general area, easy to access also. Here's a sample of my trip from May 12-13th (mostly in Sepia tone, because....why not) Some mine near Sheep Creek Springs, west of hwy 127 Very intact talc loading ramp Same area geo wonders Saratoga Springs area, west of hwy 127 Cool ramps/slides for talc mines, near Ibex Springs Yet another mine waiting to explore, if you dare One of my favorite shots of the trip Ibex Springs, thirty? Selfie within a selfie, double selfie! Ashford Mill ruins, Death Valley BIG mine, closed off, Death Valley warm springs camp Death Valley warm springs camp, great area for taking photos, all building are intact and in great shape Kinda lonely out here... Death Valley warm springs camp, trail to the warm spring source. The green in the shot is a giant fig tree, birch and grapevines Rusty machine Had the feeling I was being watched, then I saw these fellas. 5 or maybe 6 Bighorns, waiting on the ridge Tecopa Hot Springs, if you've not been you're missing out on some great therapy See you in the Fall DD!! What an awesome season!!
  4. I'm gonna be heading out to the dunes for the 1st week of march and am looking to rent a dirt bike for 3 days. I want to hear what you guys think would be a good dune running setup as far as displacement and tires. Or even if you think a atv would fare better in the dunes. I'm coming from jersey where we have woods and trails. This will be my first dune experience. Any tips/advice will be greatly appreciated i.e. food, lodging/camping, gas refills,Once past that if anyone knows of places that rent said bike. Proximity to the dunes is first priority. Rates are second priority.
  5. I think it was Halloween morning, I found a camelback with personal items inside near bathroom 12. Credit cards, money, ID, and other important stuff inside. I turned it in to the Sheriff at the ranger station.
  6. Landsandcrab

    Pause and reflect

    Another trip, another sunset with my bike to give off bitchin' long shadows on that warm May day. '14

    © Sandcrab

  7. Only wish sunset time lasted longer! Such perfect light, it's tough to beat...that's why I try to squeeze one extra late afternoon ride in with every trip

    © Sandcrab

  8. Overall it was a good trip. suspension is so nice. I was meeting Doug, and his buddy Travis out there Friday morning for some runs. Mike was heading out with Jodi later after she got off work. I got up, hooked up the trailer and text Doug that i was on my way. They were a little delayed, but I headed out anyway. When i pulled in the LEOs were out in force with about 10 at the pay station. No dogs or anything that i saw. I have a Non-Holiday season pass so I paid my $10. Pretty sure that's why they stopped me. They asked about my tags on the ATVs, since I have an open trailer. No big deal, i have them, and they sent me on my way. I got to the dunes, and saw Doug and Travis were still delayed. I strapped on the helmet and went out, on my own, to take some photos and mess with the shocks. Nothing fancy since i was solo. I got some good shots of the bike with all the new parts, and found a jump spot to test the shocks. I got back to the truck to check my phone and Doug and Travis were still delayed and looking for OHV tags. Went out solo again, and found some cool ATV guys at the North pole. By this time it was afternoon. Finally, Doug showed up... and Mike showed up. Doug, Travis, and I headed out for a run, and Mike text me he wanted to go but i didn't see it in time. So we rode right by, i got sh*t for that all night. It was getting dark and I couldn't see, that's my excuse. Mike put some new LED lights on his raptor so we did a night run (don't tell my wife.) Those lights worked great and since i was following him i could see pretty well. it was good until his light switch wouldn't work, and he got lost... lol It was still a good run, thankfully the switch decided to work finally. Friday night, Doug and Travis came over to our spot and we hung out by the fire, and did the BSing thing. That was my first time meeting Doug, and Travis, good times. Saturday morning was really nice, perfect day. We all get up, and Mike installed some doors on a RZR. Get all ready and head out, Doug and Travis were still asleep, so it was just Mike, Jodi, and I. Got in a nice run and back to camp, where we noticed a nail in Mike's nice new paddle. Doug and Travis finally got up, and came over for run 2. Mike was trying to find a wheelie spot on run 1 and right at the end was able to find one. So we headed over there at the start of Run 2, just at the base of the finger closest to comp. As we were sitting, there was a Artic Cat, wild Cat that came by. Heard them go up the hill, all motor no worries. then... CLANK... BANG... BANG... BANG... OH sh*t, that's not good. We hauled a$$ over there and luckly the passangers were ok. Father and daughter, in a BORROWED Wild Cat. They got out, and we tipped it back up to inspect the damage, and it wasn't good at all. 3 tires down, Plastics broken, Front Driver's upper A-Arm bent with a big crack, Rear driver's upper link bent, and i think the passenger side trialing bar was bent to. The roll cage looked to be in great shape, not like a RzR cage. they rolled at least 4 times. Since Mike had the RZR he gave the dad a ride back to their camp (there were in the old man section at the overlook.) The father wanted to have his daughter at camp when he told his wife about the accident. So i decided to give her a ride on the Raptor, we were right next to the flats so i decided it was worth it to help the guy out. Once we got to the camp, the crew was all out, but the wife pretty much. they had Radios and called in their gang. We got back to the Wild Cat with part of his crew, and they decided to just drive it, with 3 tires (both rears, one front) totally flat and off the bead. Mike was pretty sure they destoyed the paddles for no real reason. I guess they finally took Mike's advice and brought over a flat bed to haul it back. At least the people were ok, but man that Wild Cat did not stand up to that crash. It was fairly low speed, and it looked like he either turned back into the hill, hit the brakes too hard, or the back end just slid out, or a combo of all. There was no reason to roll where he did and it was just a smooth dune, very random. I did get the aftermath on video, but don't think i got the crash itself. I have to find it. After all that we finished our run, well kinda.. lol. Got to comp and the nail came out of the tire on Mike's RZR and was going flat. Mike and Jodi headed back to camp. Doug, Travis and I decided to keep going. Travis was a leader, but riding a new Raptor he didn't want to. So i got my chance to lead. I have lead a few times, but not really a full run. It was pretty fun, and I think i did ok. There was a lot of traffic in the dunes, so i had to change my lines a few times. Dunes were getting SHREDDED. My new suspension was making me happy though. We made it to North Pole after a good run. I went from Comp, to Talladega, to North pole. We sat at North Pole for a few minutes, then headed back to camp. Lunch was ready... THANKS JODI! Later, JoeDuner came over, and we got a pretty good group with Joe leading and his Daughter on her new YFZ. That was a nice run, stopped at North Pole and all i could think about was needing to leave for work. SUCKS. So i took the flats back, stuffed all my sh*t in the truck and bounced. Made it back for work, and even made some extra money. More work tomorrow, but I had a great 2 days at Dumont. I will be putting a new cam in the Raptor before the next trip so i will have something to look forward to. I didn't get enough time, so I am already ready to go again.
  9. WE camp near bathroom 12 and for the past two years have had three rattlers in our camp. One of the times we were sitting around the campfire and it sounded like there was some kind of leak. Maybe a propane leak. This went on for a minute or two when someone yelled "SNAKE" It was sitting around the campfire with us rattling for us to leave! It was close to the wife's foot and she was wearing flip flops. I kicked it away from her foot and went after it as the whole camp scattered. I picked it up and relocated it near the wash past the entrance. Well, this year we camped in the same place. It was back! Back to the wash it went. Plus we saw another one by a bush nearby, no campers there so I left it alone. Keep in mind they are there. Check your campsite and all around well if you have dogs or kids. Anyone else with these in their camp lately?
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