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  1. It was nice out there today. Nobody there, dunes were smooth but steep and the razorbacks were pretty gnarly without any duners there to knock them down.
  2. Bert and I had a lot of good times! RIP Bert! Condolences to your family
  3. Thanks pete for all the hard work! 3rd annual was good times, can't wait till the 4th annual!Now it is time to start the cleaning and fixing the carnage from the weekend! Good Times with Great People! My girl was talking about that too! I guess I have to start looking for her "Lil Racer"! Again a big to all those that made this happen!
  4. Its always good times when SEMA is here! Time to start next years project!
  5. Bert congrats Bud!! Its coming along. Pete told me the powdercoat came out really good. Glad all that worked out.
  6. ABSOLUTELY!!!!! Travis' wife will kill him (cause he built it for her) BUT he allready has the wheels in motion on another car for her. LOL! Whatcha gonna do? LOL! Let's make a deal.
  7. here are the Latest Supremes the car is rolling on now....Now you see those white walls!!!!
  8. Yep, we did the interior and all for this project!!
  9. Yep, did interior and all for this project!!
  10. Well Here are some pictures from working on the car friday. It rolled out of the shop at 8:30 friday night ready to hit the show! Here is the Merc sitting at VIVA. They car was a huge hit and got great feedback from everyone at the show. Even had a photographer stop by wanting to do a photoshoot with the car While At VIVA we had some stripping laid down on the Merc Here are some pictures of the cars all cleaned up and finished
  11. Give a little attention to cleaning up the stainless and chroming and the parts look new again!
  12. We Guys the Slammed Silverado rolled out of the shop this afternoon! Riding Low on 24s and looking Super Clean!!! Here are some finished shots I took this afternoon!! GOD DAMN!!!!!!!!
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