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    trx 488 (sleeper kinda sorta)
    12mm super cub alky(piece of sh*t)
    7mm cub alky(sold big mistake)
    350 fullport (sold and glad its gone)
    trx 450r (dune caddy)
    sand turtle (rhino)
    five 0 (sold miss it)
    weekend warrior
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    las vegas
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    field tech utility
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    taking long showers!!!!!

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  1. dude must have money to play in the mud with a 50k dollar diesel!!! and did u see that chevos gettin her done!!!! :chevy: l
  2. both are great shops u wont go wrong either way!!!!!!!
  3. a snake pit is a kiddie circle! so do you know if there was one right where i wrecked? thanks for the info jay
  4. otis was their a snake pit in the road right by your camp?
  5. also thats a sh*tty pic that was took when the arm was laying flat. if i could have picked my arm up for the pic my hand would have dangled from the bend!!! you should of seen that bad boy in person it looked like my radius bone was going to puncture my skin!!!!!!
  6. my boy thinks the handle bars broke when i came down from a wheelie!!! sh*t hurt fo real!!!!
  7. Check out my mishap Chad!!!!!!!! There goes the season!!!!!!
  8. i'll be there with the black honda 488 in the sportsman pro class!!! Thanks for all your hard work Tom!!! and lets see if cant biz to run that yfz!!! jay
  9. biz will you be a D this weekend? tj's dyno isn't that far off it's more like 2 to 3 horse at best! i'll bet AB bike is pushing 80
  10. looks like your bike is going to run real hard good job arron!!! are you heading out for thanksgiving!!!!
  11. No one said anything about bathroom seven except you!! But lets talk about it. I know things got really f*cked up this time around. But, no one could stop those idiots from doing what they did unless you caught them in the act!! I tried to contact Pete for the exact paint colors for the bathrooms and even had help lined up before anyone even decided to go and repaint the bathrooms!!! I give Bruce and Hutch's paint shop all the respect for a job well done!! I didn't mean it that way and you are trying to make it sound like I directed it towards all the responsible duners!!! But, don't try to indirectly imply that I was involved with bathroom seven!! That's just a d*ckhead move!! Just because I attend these meets doesn't mean I have any control over who goes!! Also, if you do attend then I do mean u as WE and I apologize. I didn't realize that u were GOD and have control over what others post!!!
  12. I agree, I think we've done enough damage this year!! No one needs stricter rules then we already have for the regular season because of one night unmonitored fun during the summer!!! Can't wait until the season starts!!!
  13. NO ERIC LOOKS REAL GOOD!!!!!!!!!
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