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  1. we will be there and hanging out at the Dasa both.
  2. DuNePrEd


    nice way to stereo type a race by using that STUPID smilie on this forum.
  3. ok ok we are done bitching ....haha now lets see them pics dunefreak
  4. who gives you the right to dish it out like that...and then you you try to make it right by including some whites in the whole mess. i am latino born and raised here and proud to be an american...but what i cant stand is people like your self that feel they have the right to come on the boards and stereotype all.
  5. i was pulled over.....and they let me go with a warning for no lights.
  6. it was great parking in the huge circle...lol.. i didn't get to meet many people, but made sure that my brother elduner did...lol. i was to busy serving the taco feast and warming up the tortilas ....lol glad you guys enjoyed the tacos and we had plenty for the whole camp...haha, raptoroy you missed them, but maybe next time.....thanks DDR!!!!!!
  7. 2 more days fellows.....coors lights on ice
  8. sounds like we will be joining the circle........lol hope to meet some new peeps!!
  9. ok he is definitely getting smoked ....lol.
  10. come on guys....in a good way and with no disrespect she still looks hot......lol
  11. we are also going to be there.....hope to see and meet some new peps out there..
  12. Roy wheres the vids....no one said anything on other boards. next time people have to spread the....theres many other boards out there that don't come here.
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