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  1. Great shot of that funco hustler going into a slide. It was a great weekend.
  2. Since I went to first and second buggy round up. Am I considered a veteran now? haha looking forward to it.
  3. Anyone going out this weekend? Ita suppose to be 78 degrees Friday and Saturday. I am up in the air about going
  4. I have been on one trip to ddr and 2 to glamis. Definitely not enough. Waiting on the turbo and might squeeze one in at the end of April if weather is good
  5. awesome pics!!! looked like a blast. UFC fight and the dunes on the same day "paradise"
  6. Looks like an awesome time. I am still bummed I missed it. Glad everyone was safe and drove hard!
  7. sorry guys I do not think I am going to make it. Still trying for a day trip sat.
  8. I am still up in the air myself also. I was planning on Wed night but that usually means Thurs night haha
  9. That is pretty cool. I do not see myself being able to make it all the way up that hill. That is a good amount of stamina to do that hill climb.
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