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  1. i feel the complication is from this 'buy away from dumont OR at the gate' situation. make a cost for entry and charge that at the gate. the whole 'buy your pass elsewhere' is the problem. if people scrape by, comming in at night/leave at night then so be it. that will always happen, as will people driving through the little dunes in the middle of the day to avoid paying, people running passes out durring the day to avoid paying. its going to happen. make a 7 day fee, and a season long fee. find a clever blm way to make sure the season long pass cant (easily) be copied and sell it at the gate ONLY, as the week passes should be sold only at the gate. check passes on the way out (as it has been) and everything will be simplified.. my .02 but whatever the fees become, we'll most likely all pay them.. i know i will. i definitely appreciate having medical on site as myself (and a few others in camp) have used and appreciated very much whatever happens, happy duning everybody
  2. reservation laws are the same as vegas, AC, and anywhere else with gaming. reservations have less games. you will prob be hired for something else than gaming though. gaming regulators run through tons of training mandated by the gaming control board. you would def know if you were applying for that. but running camera's is fun. the new bad_ss systems can read the print on a paper bill if not more. good luck bud
  3. this is exactly right. i got busted for some bs in the dunes and had to go to court in barstow 3 f'n times.. and while i was there i was talking to a few other people and appearantly california police are arresting people for j walking now! j walking!!!! same as ticketing bicycle riders for not walking bikes across an intersection, speeding 1-2 mph over the limit, and other nonsense like this. oh and if you are caught going over 100 on any road or highway that can land you in jail as well as suspension of license. arnold's broke @ss just needs more money plain and simple. i had a few buddies that got tickets passing tecopa too for having their trucks lifted too high and something about the headlights being too high off the road. more BS and everybody talking about fighting tickets, its not that easy. it requires you to show up to court in another city or state (depending where you live), on weekdays only (which most people have to work durring), and almost always you will have to return more than once if you plead not guilty in order to have a trial. thats how my experience with the california courts has gone. its sh*tty they make it a huge pain in the @ss for out-of-towners ON PURPOSE it's all BS spend those tax dollars trying to catch criminals, not people visiting their state to have fun and spend money
  4. my from experience with this sort of matter.. nearly all laws are written sketchy like that. look at the people fighting over the constitution TO THIS DAY. local/state laws are no different. they arent written in black and white, neither are they enforced in black and white. they are all 'gray' areas (no pun intended).. it all has to do with (the obvious) not doing anything blatantly stupid, (and less obvious) what their supervisors told them (ie: write as many tickets as possible; look for this sort of thing going on; enforce this strictly; ect), the respect you give to the officers stopping you, and their mood on that particular day. if THEY feel like being pricks, youre getting hasseled. plain and simple. if you treat them like trash or have a bad attitude on the matter, youre getting hasseled. if they are told to be strict on something and youre violating, youre getting hassled. its sad to me to see, from another poster on this thread, post that even the cops dont know what constitutes 'gray water' and if its legal to dump or not. its reasons like this that i go out of my way to avoid the cops, and if there's any question on a rule/law... i will act overly according to the law. its not worth tickets to me anymore to hope and/or think im following every single law in existance, but rather sacrifice to be overly cautious. so in this case, its probably a good idea to just take your dump water the 35 miles to baker and dump there an example of this would be; ive had a similar problem with buring paper plates and napkins in my camp fire and being told by some rangers that it WAS legal, and other rangers that stopped by my camp that it WAS NOT legal. from there on out, absolutely no burning of ANYTHING but firewood. paper products included. good luck to everyone with this 'rule'
  5. i wasnt out for this pres-day but a few of my buddies with big jacked up trucks said they also got tickets for being too high off the ground. what a joke. any way to 'boost' the economy in that little city. i spend the extra 20 mins and go through pahrump thanks for the pics everybody :ahhhhh:
  6. ellis island. its over behind the ballys area (i forget the street). considering i spend every penny i get on the dunes and im a broke unlv student, this is the best place for budget meal/night. a full kick @ss plate of ribs with all the sides for 11$, 1.50$ 24oz drafts, ect ect. cool environment, i love the place
  7. yea its 50ft away.. or if you can hear it inside, same difference. you just have to call alot and be patient. the police are not too quick to respond to noise complaints. but every time you call the adress will get flagged in the dispatchers computer and if it happens enough, the cops will show up more quickly and write tickets :B
  8. i think your talking about banshee hill. i picked some junk up over there too on sunday morning. i guess there was a dude in my camp only drinks corona and he had a bottle and got a ticket for like 125$. i didnt see him drinking it but appearantly the rangers did. so they were doing their best it seemed to me
  9. my dune trip started good but ended really really really bad. saturday night i ended up burrying my truck to the frame the way to comp to and then sunday morning i crashed real bad jumping and blew my shoulder out of the socket... again. then i had to go to crackville usa aka the pahrump hospital to get it fixed. other than that everything was awesome.. specially smokin als bbq.
  10. the trick to staying away from the rangers is simple. have a flag and dont do anything blatantly stupid such as fly through the camp area going way too fast or ride with no helmet and they wont harass you. a spark arrestor is technically nessicary but 99% of the time the law wont be not enforced. as far as camping, if your son is younger you might want to park farther away from the sand in the less busy areas for added safety and less people being reckless near your camp. good luck, enjoy like we all do
  11. not if they are both yamaha's. every yamaha ive dealt with leaks like crazy when its stood up on its back end. i have a long bed and without standing one up i couldnt even get 2 in with the tailgate down. then again im not very creative. best of luck to ya and like everybody else said, lots and lots of straps
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