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  1. Our government loves to waste our tax dollars. The HOV bridge currently under construction from US 95 N to Summerlin Parkway cost $26 million. Summerlin Pkwy has no HOV lanes and there are none planned in the future.
  2. Quicksilver

    Sand Show

    I'll be there Saturday for the day.
  3. There is a video of the crash on you tube. IMO, the spectators should have been further back from the track (the rules state 100 feet), so the driver of the truck should not be at fault for the accident. This is racing and your safety is never guaranteed, whether you are racing or just a spectator. My thoughts and prayers go out to those involved.
  4. It passed. From what I got off the news though is that the roads that are already there are going to stay open. I was at work and couldn't make it down there for the hearing. I guess the greenie weenies don't have jobs and can devote all their time to closing off all our land from recreation.
  5. Just a word of caution, the local policia are not too friendly out here to people leaving the bars. They are known to follow people and wait for a reason to pull them over. Next thing you know you're looking at a DUI.
  6. Its all about CONTROL. The liberals say its all about "freedom" yet they want more "control." You can't have it both ways.
  7. I ride an older Jamis Dakar Comp out here in Boulder City. I'd recommend getting a nice lightly used bike first and save loads of cash. There are plenty out there that people have bought and never got used much. Bootleg Canyon has some good trails, but the majority of them have some pretty hairy dropoffs that I'm getting too old to take. (Fear of getting hurt and unable to work.) There is also a paved loop out here that goes from Railroad Pass Hotel down to the lake, up to Lake Las Vegas and back around to Railroad Pass. I forget but I think the whole loop is 34 miles. We ride sections on a regular basis but have never done the whole loop. I've done Cottonwood a couple times but never got a whole lot of riding in due to the distance from my house. There's also a cool ride from the visitors center near the Hacienda Hotel that goes through the old railroad tunnels down to Hoover Dam. That's usually our warmup ride.
  8. I would pass on the Taurus if it was me. AFAIK they are made in Brazil and their quality isn't as good as Sig or Springfield Armory. You could try to look up that gun on gunbroker dot com to see what it is worth if you do decide to take it. Edit: I just looked it up because I was not familiar with that model. The gun is worth $350-$400 new. It also has a polymer frame.
  9. I'm not being serious BTW. I rarely text and when I do it is usually replying to someone to tested me first.
  10. I only text when I'm driving.
  11. I have a Class A CDL so I'm safe too. I guess this means I have to be the designated driver every trip. :cheesebong: The thing that sucks is the .04 BAC we have to abide by. I wonder if those with a non-commercial class A have the same limit?
  12. I was at Verizon yesterday and looked at the DROID. I wasn't impressed with it. I've had Motorolas before and just had too many issues with them. I just got the Samsung Rogue a few months back and am really happy with it. It has a large touchscreen with a sliding, lighted keyboard. On top of that it surfs the net fast and the camera takes good pictures.
  13. Plants have feelings too!
  14. Yet I'm sure Chicken Gore will still be crying that the sky is falling.
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