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  1. If work schedule isn't bad, we will be headed out with new car
  2. Great video Jessica! Can't wait for Karen and I to be back part of the group this year with our new car, now that Karen is doing better!
  3. this is a ad for people we know here in Las Vegas that had their 2013 RZR4 800 stolen a few weeks ago and are still looking for it stolen in Las Vegas from Oasis RV park Buyers beware last night this 2013 Polaris rzr 800 was stolen from us at Oasis RV park. If seen please call. UP TO A $1000.00 reward leading to a successful recovery. Its a pretty obvious side x side orange and blue with orange wheels. Vin 4XAXE7EA3DF260753 link to ad their kids posted : http://lasvegas.craigslist.org/snw/4690989699.html please call if you have any info on this (702)358-4948
  4. Very sad dad. Bert was a great guy and taken too soon. He will be missed a great deal Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family RIP Bert
  5. Locking in dates during Jan. 22-26 for Mike from New-Era-Performance http://www.neweraperformanceparts.com/ to come out and do some in person tuning out here in Las Vegas, Dyno time can be arranged also He will possibly going to be here for the midnight mayhem/test and tune as well as the Laps for Charity event at LVMS. For all interested parties please contact Frank @ Revolution Race Works to schedule your in person tune for your LS based car (702)900-6650 revolutionraceworks@gmail.com https://www.facebook.com/Revolutionraceworks?ref=br_tf
  6. our thoughts and prayers go out to the family
  7. Very sad indeed! Our thoughts and prays go out to all invloved! I agree, the pictures should NOT be posted! Respect the family
  8. Jim, Those people stopped by our camp (just past #12 along the edge of the wash). Said that the dog's name was "Ginger" I believe (had a few cocktails by that time) It is a medium size yellow lab as posted above. I didn't mention to the young loady to post something up here if not found, so fellow duners could keep a eye out. Also, not sure if the dog had tags on the collar or if she was "chipped" or not
  9. sanddunesaddict, It was nice to finally see your car in person! Awesome car! you have alot to be pround of! Maybe next season we can run together, both jalper and myself had mechanical issues!I will be looking to upgrade to a mende 2d over the sumeer and sell off my built 091 Good meeting you! Jeff
  10. post this up on GlamisDunes.com and RaceDezert.com , So Cal. craigslists also! Just in case it went down to So Cal area Post more details: was it just the rail? or truck trailer and rail? specifics on all of it (without giving away "too much" info) that may help identify your stuff Good luck, hope to catch the effin' bastards!!
  11. Nice video! can't wait to get out there!
  12. Terry, Thanks for the reply! Yes, please let me know more about the system and if you have any left (possibly 2 needed) I am at Eastern & 215 (Silverado Ranch area) Please keep an eye for anyone trying to sell a bunch of offroad rims and tires (Centerlines), along with a aluminum blue floor jack (Harbor freight) mounted on a "Buggy Jack" unit (see pic, in red just like this) along with 3 tool boxes full of tools , 6 gal red craftsman air compressor, new 100' air hoses,battery charger, a Odyssey battery charger for the Odyssey batteries (new), new Dewalt 18v 1/2" cordless Impact gun in case, 27" lcd tv, 2 dvd players (Sony), they took all of his long sleeve shirts (mainly from Dumont, Sand Show, etc, and jackets This was all stolen from a storgae facility in Henderson Thanks for your time, Jeff
  13. I know that I am "raising the dead" here, but what alarm / security system did you have? A good friend's hauler was just broken into, (within the last 3 weeks) at a storage facility and we are looking for ways to secure it better. I store there too. Thanks, Jeff
  14. Great pics!! Really gets us pumped for Prez weekend!! (only there will be a lot more traffic out there!)
  15. We are planning on being out there!! Bringing family from back east out, for first time in the sand!! The addiction begins!!
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