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  1. I'll be out at the hill for a day trip Saturday putting some time on the new build
  2. I'm out in Oak Hills and get quite a few riders around here on the weekends. I'll keep an eye out, but it's been my experience that they don't usually go far once they're stolen. I'd figure within a few miles.
  3. Where you loctaed and do you have any pics of the bike ?
  4. Hey Roy how's the bike running. you get it all dialed in yet ?
  5. Jeez, it was so civilized until that :stir: lol.
  6. If the 12's are doing 90 what are the 18&24's doing ?
  7. The power to weight ratio of a 2 stroke is hard to beat. I've done some numbers and on the low end I'll be around 200hp and the high end will be 250hp. It will likely be a 500lb bike though. I'm shooting for a gearing combo that will yield 80-85mph. I suspect that will be very competive with a 12mil. Who knows what guys really run in their bikes, but with my stock R1 I beat guys claiming to have 10mils and been beaten by guys claiming to have 10mils, so who knows. The motor is in the frame now and I'm working on the turbo plenum as we speak. I would like to have it done for the night drags.
  8. jeez, I knew they ran alot but guess I never really added it up
  9. Definately put the lid back on. I run +3 on mine and it is a noticeable difference
  10. The majority of 450's with bolt on parts are only doing 43 to 48.
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