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  1. Nice Video... That camera is sick!!!
  2. Was out for the day on Sunday... Road was a B
  3. i got my annual pass add on sticker at Parker in Pahrump today...
  4. we will be making our 1st T-Day trip... the last couple of years we have been going to amargosa, this year we discovered the D!!! going to be hard to ever back the big dune. we are also planning going to our 1st meet & greet on saturday
  5. Awesome Video!!! Wish we were there!!!
  6. My insurance through American Family with my address in Pahrump is $534 / 6 month for my 04 Silverado 2500 with 500k/1M and $500 deductible. AAA quoted me $402, think of going with them... And with a Pahrump addy no smog required!!!
  7. I am planning on buying an annual pass but I have read that all passes must have your last name and license plate number. I am buying a new truck in December-January, can I transfer it to the new vehicle, or will I be SOL and have to buy another pass? Thanks In Advance... DuneDweller
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