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  1. ATV tires moving sale Lumber Jack AT25x10-12 $100 702-265-3570
  2. To tell u the truth i dont know.I do know that it is very light, if not lighter or just as light it should be only a couple pounds heavier.
  3. Here is my bike told u i'd get them bigger.
  4. Dont know how long,steep,or how loose the sand is at the hill your talkin about.But if it's longer than banshee hill than i might do higher than 74. idk just a guess
  5. Well, Dan it has YOUR motor in it,the one that was in your 4 mill when u had THE accident.Forgot to thank you for building the motor.THANK YOU SO MUCH
  6. Last Wednesday i left for dumont at about 3 PM ish.Got there at about 4:30 ish,when I got there we unloaded our two drag bikes, filled em up with gas and just went SLOWLY up the hill lol.I was honestly scared that this bike might fall apart or might not even start in the first place but it did start which made me very happy.After a few runs I let it rest then pulled up to the line.Thought about what might happen if something bad happens and then took off.To make a long story short we anticapated that this bike might do about 69-71 ish.But all my fam & friends thought i would do about 65-67.But by the end of the day i had a very good number. 74 Which really made me proud and fell very good inside. All my thanks goes to my Grandfather and Uncle for helping build this bike.And a BIG THANK YOU to Lynn,the founder of L.C. performance, for selling us parts,giving advice,and basically building the bike over the phone.
  7. Well be there on the 9th if my shock comes for my banshee.[Test run]But you guys are going two days before.We'll be there for a day on wednesday from about 4-ish till dark.We'll be at banshee hill the whole time.Anybody else out on Wednesday.
  8. Sorry for the size problem ill try to get them bigger.
  9. This is my bike i finished it just today.
  10. That rail makes it look like your dunefreak.Beacause the name,new rail look [it kinda looks likes pete's] except its red,and bigger. NICE RAIL !
  11. Actually if you saw that bike on PREZ weekend.You would of saw my uncle on it.He's the only one that rides that bike. But yes he was flying.We clocked at about 79.I THINK Thanks for the compliment on how fast it is.
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