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  1. We will probably never know the real story, but that is okay. People just want to offer their condolences.
  2. I didn't know he had a RZR. I was just filled in on the same info as BAKER-BAKER-19. Very very sad, he was a great kid. Everyone be safe and please wear your safety gear.
  3. Get her a Thundershirt, they are great for separation anxiety and all kinds of other things.
  4. It was good seeing all of you thanks Cole & Jules
  5. i gotta try and talk to the parents into letting me. damnnn lol
  6. i went through 6 of those phones in 4 months..
  7. it was good to meet you again too i bet ill remember now, and the ride was fun even though we got ditch by peter and aaron and bert. jerks! it was nice finally gettin to hang out with some DDR ppl again. i love Monkie she's my favorite.
  8. there was a bunch of people at sunset park just like 30 mins ago when we drove by
  9. aww thats awesome i wanna get married at the dunes =[
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